2 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use a Cracked Phone Screen

Although you would never want to think about a Cracked Phone Screen, the experience of dealing with a broken phone almost always proves itself to be one of the most inconvenient problems to deal with.

However, whether you’re using an Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Pocophone, or Oppo, experiencing any type of breakage will always prove to be something that you should worry about. From bloated batteries and glitchy screens to broken speakers and fudgy mics, these are several problems that you’ll probably groan just by remembering it.

Cracked Phone Screen

After owning and dealing with smartphones for a while now, you’ve probably seen it all and now have a stronger instinct to protect your little pocket device a whole lot more. While you’ve probably mentally and financially prepared yourself to deal with various situations, the truth is that nothing will prepare you for the anguish that comes with a cracked phone screen, but what makes it so bad?

cracked phone screen

The dangers of using a cracked phone screen

When you look at your cracked screen, you’re most likely inclined to think that you shouldn’t worry about anything because of how minor (yet obviously inconvenient) it is. In the end, if you can still move the screen, text, slightly watch videos, and still take calls, you shouldn’t worry about anything, right? Well, not exactly.

Although it may seem quite harmless to tape your screen with some clear tape and use it, as usual, the truth is that you’re doing more harm than good by doing so. To best understand why a cracked screen must merit a call and a speedy replacement, let’s look at some of the most prevalent risks of using a phone with such a problem: 

1. You can give yourself cuts and splinters

The most obvious reason you SHOULDN’T use a phone with a cracked screen is that you can easily end up cutting yourself, which is something that you must steer clear of if you don’t want a mess!

Considering that the average phone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day, you’re putting yourself at a much greater risk of 2,617 opportunities to cut your fingers just by trying to set your alarm. It may not seem like much when you put off the responsibility to fix your phone screen, but it’s better to spend some money for a replacement than keep bandages on your extremities and hands for a lifetime! 

cracked phone screen

2. The screen never gets better

It is common knowledge that a little crack in an ice shelf can grow into a bigger one quite instantly. Well, the same thing goes for your cracked screen (and the rest of your phone). 

It may not seem like a big deal at first, but a single or few cracks can change things up quickly as your phone goes through daily stress in your pocket or bag. This means that the small crack will eventually start to spread. With each step causing more pressure, you can deepen and multiply the cracks on your screen and cause havoc on your LCD and inner components! 

Fortunately, you can prevent cracks from spreading or coming up again after your replacement by purchasing high-quality top screen protectors in Birmingham from Mobile Shark!


As minor as a cracked smartphone screen may seem at first, it’s important to note that it can end up becoming one of the most complicated problems you’ll ever face if you don’t book a replacement ASAP. Through this guide’s help, you can ensure that you deal with a cracked screen with the right mindset so that you don’t put yourself in a precarious situation ever again! 

Dealing with a cracked phone screen is an experience that you should prevent at all costs, and the best way to do that is with Mobile Shark’s top phone screen protectors in Birmingham. If you want to give your smartphone the protection it deserves, check out our online store today and stock up on your protection essentials!

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