3 Reasons Your Phone Needs Screen Protectors Right Now

It is almost impossible to find someone who hasn’t dropped their phone at least once in their life. While phones can survive the ordeal most of the time, you never know if the next drop will result in expensive or permanent damage. One part of the phone that is susceptible to damage is your screen, which is why screen protectors came about. 

While phone models regularly update themselves and become more durable as time goes on, you can never be too cautious when taking care of something as important as your phone. Consider these reasons if you think you should invest in a good screen protector.

3 Reasons Why You Need Good Screen Protectors

1. Broken screens can hurt you

Phone screens take the most impact when an accident happens and because they’re made out of glass, they have the potential to break easily. And in those instances, you should have your screen repaired soon. Otherwise, you risk getting cuts and bruises from small glass shards. It is dangerous to leave a shatter on your phone, especially since you press in on your face to make calls and always slide your fingers on it.

Screen protectors add that extra layer of protection that can take the hit on behalf of your screen. Glass screen protectors act as the first line of defence, preventing permanent damage to your phone. 

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2. Phone Casings Don’t Protect the Screen Itself

Phone casings are also one of the essential phone accessories that offer protection. However, they don’t fully cover the entire phone. They certainly reduce impact when phones fall on their back, keeping the battery, camera, and sides of the phone safe, secured, and chip-free. However, they do not help when phones fall face first. 

Investing in a phone casing and screen protector is not a matter of choosing between them. It is recommended that you get both for your phone.

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3. Glass Screen Protectors Help Save Money

Phone repairs can be quite expensive, especially when it comes to screen repair. When you get a big crack, it will be hard to restore. Depending on the damage, your screen may not function as it used to. Because of repair costs, most people who go through this ordeal just deal with having a phone with a cracked screen. Not only is that unsafe to use at this stage, but it can also do some damage to your eyes because of the distortion. It is annoying to text and type on a cracked screen.

The money and time you’ll throw in just to get your phone working again is a cost that you can avoid with a screen protector. When a screen protector gets cracked, all you have to do is peel it off and dispose of it properly. After cleaning your phone’s unscathed screen to remove residue, you can just stick another screen protector over your phone. 


Accidents can happen at any time. Screen protectors are meant to prevent severe damage to your phone’s screen once that time comes. Instead of risking the possibility of living with a cracked phone until you can afford a replacement, you can take that extra precaution and invest in a quality screen protector.

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