Why Buy Anti-glare Screen Protectors

Anti-glare Screen Protectors: The reflection received when direct sun rays bounce on your phone screen and into your eyes is an extremely daunting and irritating experience. You can’t get any work done properly with all the discomfort. It simply blinds the eyes no matter how hard you try. This situation is also common for people that use their computers next to the window, an inlet for direct sun rays. To solve this problem, manufacturers have come up with an Anti-glare Screen Protector to reduce glare.

Anti-glare screen protectors provide a clear layer placed over the phone screen to prevents the sun and light glare on the screen. Glare screen protectors are perfect for people who when using their phones or laptops are exposed to direct sunlight.

To better understand what anti-glare screen protectors are, a detailed overview of the materials involved in their production and the level of protection they offer have also been given.

Materials used in the production of anti-glare screen protectors

 anti-glare screen protectors

An anti-glare screen protector can either be made with a Matte finish or an AR coating (Anti-reflective coating). Matte finishes are normally seen as applied on glasses while AR coatings are commonly used for luxury watches ad prescription glasses. The matte coating is a better option because it makes the screen look like a frosted window hence preventing glare and resisting smudges compared to if it were a glossy screen like most windows. Anti-glare screen protectors are a good choice because they prevent direct reflection from sunrays.

Similarly, the Anti-reflective coatings prevent incoming light from causing the reflection to your eyes. The incoming bright light instead gets absorbed by the coatings on the screen. Both materials are designed to reduce that irritating glare from your device and cut down fatigue at the end of the day.

Level of protection offered by anti-glare screen protectors

An anti-glare film filters out the harshest sun rays using the anti-glare feature. It works on flat-screen displays, LCD, and computer monitors.

The anti-glare filters rely on the matte finishing which works to reduce reflection from plastic or glass surfaces to reduce glare. When this is done, direct sunlight can no longer prevent you from comfortably looking at your phone or computer screen. AR coatings on the other hand have proven ineffective when it comes to reflecting on light rays. They don’t show any visible decrease in color and contrast intensity.

Down below are the advantages and disadvantages of anti-glare screen protectors

Advantages of anti-glare screen protectors

  • Cuts off reflections and glare from  bright sunlight

The reflected light is not only very damaging for the eyes but also reduces the contrast and sharpness of the display. By cutting off bright light reflections, the user doesn’t have to squint anymore whenever they are viewing their screens.

  • Anti-glare screens reduce eye strain

It’s very useful for individuals who use their devices occasionally in areas or rooms that allow in bright light. To use this feature, make sure that your phone’s brightness isn’t too low or too bright.

  • Easy to attach to your phone

Firstly, you don’t have to download an application for it to work. After purchasing your anti-glare screen protector from a trusted outlet you just need to apply it onto the phone. If you’ve ever applied an ordinary screen protector this should be a walkover because the process isn’t any different.

An anti-glare screen protector will protect your phone screen from getting scratches because it’s more of a finish rather than a coating that peels off. The other beauty is that its matte surface is very easy to clean in case smudges are left on the screen.

  • No visible fingerprints left on the screen

Their smooth matte surface makes it easy for you to scroll without leaving fingerprints behind. With such a unique screen, your phone will always look brand new every time. You can clean it occasionally when it starts to look dirty.

  • They are paper-thin and smooth

Individuals don’t have to worry about the attached anti-glare screen is visible. Anti-glare screen protectors are a bit slimmer compared to other standard screen protectors. You may even fail to notice that they’re attached.

Disadvantages of an anti-glare screen protectors

  • Some manufactures make them expensive

Several companies have developed anti-glare screen protectors that are more expensive than others because they can last as long as you’re LCD does. However, it’s worth it as long as you’re getting what you paid for.

  • The screens with an AR coating require extra maintenance

This is one of the main disadvantages of anti-glare screen protectors made of AR coating. Over time, the coating gets rubbed off or scratched off which in turn reduces the ability to reflect bright light rays. If you purchase one with a coating, you need to be extremely careful with how you handle it, otherwise, it won’t last. Also avoid cleaning the screen using tissue paper, rough materials, Kleenex, or paper towels because they strip away the coatings.

  • Anti-glare screens with AR coatings aren’t durable.

The anti-glare screen protectors made with an AR coating come off easily. While this may be an advantage, it’s also a disadvantage at the same time. If the owner wants to remove it, they can with ease. However, the cover can also peel on its meaning it isn’t durable.

  • Not everyone loves the matte finish

The matte finish isn’t all good for everyone despite its many advantages. Its texture allows light waves to hit the surface from different angles causing you to see color speckles. Some people are okay with the matte finish others don’t like it.


Those are the advantages and disadvantages of anti-glare screen protectors. For their case, it all depends on the materials used in the production process. While the AR coatings may look okay, they also require more care otherwise they risk lasting a shorter time. Matte finishes, on the other hand, are the best option, they can last for as long as you own your phone. With this information, you can now purchase an anti-glare screen protector and save yourself from squinting.

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