Awesome Benefits of 5G Networks and 5G Smartphones

Awesome Benefits of 5G Networks and 5G Smartphones: It is no longer news that 5G network Is the successor of 4G LTE network. A 5G Network offers higher performance than a 4G LTE network.

5G is considered the  5th generation mobile network and is the newest global wireless standard for networks. A 5G network is aimed at connecting everyone and everything virtually, devices and machines inclusive.

5G network is also aimed at delivering higher multi Gbps peak data speeds, ultra low -latency, better network capacity, reliability, increased options and more unified user experience for users. Empowerment of improved efficiency for new users and higher performances.

What are the 5G Benefits and 5G Smartphones

What are the 5G Benefits

5G Networks

5G network comes in different versions,  there is 5G mmWave , Mid- band and Low-band.

5G mmWave stands for millimetre Wave. Though the 5G mmWave has the greatest speeds, it is the short wave version of 5G and there are limitations to how far the waves can go. 5G mmWave is currently available in the US, but not available in the UK.

5G mid-band unlike 5G mmWave covers a very large area. 5G mid-band is responsible for the networks currently used in the UK.

5G low-band is categorized under 1GHz because it’s below 6GHZ.

5G considered the fastest

Apart from the fact that 5G network is considered fast, there are other advantages attached to it. 5G network has been said to require less energy when transferring data, unlike the previous networks. Following reports from Huawei, low energy consumption is 90% less electricity. This development isn’t only beneficiary for smartphone users alone, but for the internet as a whole and the narrowcasting sector at large.

Free flow of communication

5G network encourages free flow of communication due to its latency which can be likened to a below milliseconds similar to real-time process. The latency is good for virtual reality, such as video conferencing and online gaming.

wireless connections

5G network is programmed in such a way it can house a very high number of wireless connections. A very important aspect of the internet connection whereby lots of stationary and mobile objects is used as a means of communication and sharing of data.

Lastly,5G brings advancement of technology through the usage of semiconductor technology bring more power and speed of data to a small chip.

5G network helps data flow seamlessly due to been a hundred times faster than the previous networks. The rate at which data is transferred on 5G network is at 50Gbps and more.

5G Smartphones: Brands Looking to 5G

Apparently many mobile smartphone brands are beginning to opt for 5G network, especially the top brands. The trend started in 2019 when Nokia debuted its first 5G phone, which is the Nokia 8.3. The smartphone is a mid-range phone, with good features and display, 3.5mm headphone Jack, impressive battery life and overall good Specs.

The trend picked up after then,as many brands follow suit. 

Here are few out of many recent 5G Smartphones;

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra 5G is a high-end smartphone with many enviable features.  The phone is equipped with a beautiful display screen and body, a standard camera setup, a powerful processor and other features.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G front view has the Samsung’s signature AMOLED display screen, which measures 6.9inches and 496 pixel per inch(3088×1440). It has HDR 10+ support and 120HZ refresh rate.

The phone has a rear triple camera setup which consists of 12MP ultra-wide camera, 108 wide-angle camera, 12MP  telephoto camera and a laser autofocus sensor. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 865+ processor, 12GB of RAM, 128GB, 256 GB and 512GB storage options. Lastly, the phone comes with the 5G network

Apple iPhone 12 5G

Apple iPhone 12 5G

iPhone 12 5G  is actually Apple’s 5G flagship smartphone. iPhone 12 is powered by the latest A14 Bionic processor, which enhances it’s gaming and AI capabilities, including it’s multitasking performances. iPhone 12  has a 6.1 inch screen  OLED display with 2532×1170 resolution.

The smartphone features a dual rear camera setup —12MP ultra-wide  sensor ,a 12MP wide-angle camera, while on the front there is a 12MP selfie camera. iPhone 12 5G supports wireless charging and other features like IP68 water and dust resistant, lighting to USB-C and 5G network.

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

Samsung Galaxy A72 5G

One of the intriguing thing about Samsung Galaxy A71 5G is the price. The smartphone is a budget phone but packed with a lot of standard features. The smartphone has 6.7inch super AMOLED screen, with a 2400×1080 resolution a 393ppi.  A quality camera setup arranged in a quad form. The cameras are as follows; a 64MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide, 5MP macro and 5MP depth sensor. It can record up to 4k video@30fps and 1080@120fps.

The Smartphone comes with a huge 4500mAh battery.  Most importantly the phone features the 5G network.

OnePlus 8T 5G

OnePlus 8T 5G

OnePlus smartphone brand is actually a relatively new product in the mobile phone market yet it’s already making waves due to it’s good features ,particularly the Snapdragon 865 processor.  OnePlus 8T 5G is a bit pricey .

However, the phone posses some good nice features like 65W fast charging, huge 4500mAh battery, latest Android 11 software OxygenOS, 6.55inch AMOLED screen, 1080p resolution, 120HZ refresh rate.  8GB /12GB RAM and 128GB/256GB storage options, triple camera setup— 48MP standard sensor, 16MP ultra wide, 5MP macro and 2MP depth sensor, 16MP sensor selfie camera.  It can record 4k videos at 60fps.

Apple iPhone 12 Mini 5G

Apple iPhone Mini 5G

There isn’t much difference between 5G Smartphones iPhone 12 and 12mini. They both share most features and are both 5G phones. The slight difference is the size, weight and the battery size since iPhone 12 mini 5G looks slimmer and thinner

iPhone 12 mini 5G comes with a 5.4 inch OLED screen.  Supports wireless charging, IP68 water and dust resistant, dual rear cameras—12MP ultra wide and angle shots , and a 12MP selfie camera.  iPhone 12 mini is powered by A14 Bionic, it has lightning to USB-C cable and features 5G network.

5G Smartphones: Conclusion

5G network is the in- thing currently and the experience is worth it especially for 5G smartphones users and all sorts of devices in general since it provides expansive outdoor coverage and speedy data transfer, which is what most users will likely want to experience. 5G is to stay, so it’s imperative to explore and make the best out of it. 5G smartphones are in high demand and consumers can’t wait for this technology to be widely available

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