Mobile Screen Protectors: The Best Pixel 6 Screen Protectors

Pixel 6 Screen Protector: Smartphones are known for their large screens that are ideal for various tasks. Whether browsing the web, watching videos, or taking photos, they have come a long way from when mobile screens were too small even to read text messages.

However, since mobile screens are wider now, they are more prone to damage, such as cracks and dents. But through phone accessories like screen protectors, users can enjoy their smartphones without overthinking affecting their screens due to dropping or bumping them.

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Why Do Pixel handsets need Pixel 6 Screen Protectors?

Although most gadgets have gotten more scratch-resistant since the early days, having an extra layer of protection is still an excellent way to protect them from accidental damage. Devices today use Gorilla Glass, effectively preventing scratches from appearing on screens upon accidentally having your keys or loose change with your phone in your pockets.

Keep in mind that screens also have limits when it comes to the impact they can absorb. Although scratches are barely visible due to the technology you can find on screens today, it’s still possible to witness damage. Protecting your phone’s screen and ensuring it is damage-free should be your priority.

Types of Pixel 6 Screen Protectors

1. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

PET is a type of plastic commonly used in water bottles and food containers. In screen protectors, it provides the least amount of scratch and impact protection. However, it is a cheap, light, and thin material that can still get the job done, appearing almost invisible once you apply it on your phone.

Besides, PET has a decently smooth feel, unlike its more durable but rubbery counterpart, TPU. It is stiff, making it impossible to apply or install it on mobile phones with curved and edge-to-edge screens.

2. Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

TPU is a flexible plastic but a huge hassle to install. It requires using a spray solution and flattening out surfaces to prevent bubbles from appearing on the gadget’s screen. 

Although it’s more protective than PET, it is less smooth and adds an orange peel type of glare to the screen. But since it’s adaptable, it can look well on any kind of screen, even the edge-to-edge ones with curved sides.

3. Tempered Glass

Tempered glass screen protectors have dominated the mobile accessories market for a while now. Although they are the oldest kind of screen protectors, most people still install them due to the time-tested protection they provide. 

However, if you don’t prefer thick screen protectors and wish to opt for thinner ones, maybe the tempered glass variant won’t fit your needs. But if you’re fine with having a  protector that offers extra durability, you can benefit from tempered glass. 

4. Nano Liquid

Nano Liquid is one of the newer screen protectors available in the market. It is a material made out of silicon dioxide, claiming to protect screens by swabbing a solution on the phone and buffing it after.

Experts say that the nano liquid screen protector is too thin to the point that tough scratches can still penetrate the protective coating layer. However, it does require lesser caution from the users. Another downside is that it’s not easy to swap out with other screen protectors. Meaning, users should wait for the product to wear off before changing to another screen protector type.


Out of all the pixel 6 screen protectors available, tempered glass is the most trusted among all choices. Although it’s a dated method of protection, it is still the most trusted by time. However, a device’s safety shouldn’t only depend on a screen protector. For better security, add a phone case to protect your device from all angles fully.

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