Choosing Among the 3 Main Types of Phone Cases – What to Know

Nowadays, smartphones are no longer used just to make phone calls and send text messages. Your phone is your daily companion, a trusted confidant, a weapon, and a dependable advisor. It is an integral part of your life, so you should do your best to protect it from physical damage!

There are thousands of phone cases available in the market today, and looking for the perfect one can be confusing if you don’t narrow down the choices. Here’s a quick guide on the three main types of phone cases and how you can choose between them:

1. Basic Phone Cases

Silicon phone cases

Basic, one-piece mobile phone cases are the most popular type that you will see every day. They are made of many different materials and have various degrees of sturdiness, but their commonality is that they only cover the back and sides of your phone.

Silicone/TPU case – Slim cases are usually made from silicone or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). They are very lightweight and elastic, moulding along the edges of your phone for a sleek look. You won’t have any trouble holding them in your hand because they add little to no bulk added to your device. 

These cases are very affordable and don’t take too much away from your phone’s design. They offer some shock protection as well.

Hardshell phone caseHard plastic phone cases are a bit heavier and less elastic than silicone cases. They mould to a phone’s edges, but they can crack when you drop them because they are brittle. There is a wide variety of hard shell phone case types—some are bulkier than others, some have rubber bumpers, etc.

Rugged/tough phone caseThese cases have reinforced corners and air pockets that make them the best choice when it comes to saving your phone from damage if you drop it. It gives you a good grip, so there’s very little risk of your phone slipping away from you. Some rugged phone cases even pass military drop tests and can survive through extreme temperatures and heavy rain!

2. Foldable Cases


Folio or wallet cases can flip closed to protect your screen. Some of them include a hardshell case to protect the back of your phone, while others are made of thick leather/faux leather all around. Many folio phone cases include a wallet section with slots where you can store a few cards.

Smart folio cases wake your phone when opened and put it to sleep when it’s closed. These cases are often foldable, so you can create a stand if you want to watch videos or read.

3. Battery Cases

Many phones can’t get through more than 8 hours without their battery draining. If you’re constantly away from a charging outlet, but you don’t want to carry cumbersome power banks, a battery case is a perfect choice for you. Battery cases not only protect your phone but provide a power source when you find yourself running out of juice in the middle of the day.

Battery cases are always bulky. The higher the charging capacity, the bigger it will be. A standard phone usually has a 3,000 to 4,000 mAh battery, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing a battery case.


Smartphone cases are great for protecting your phone, and it’s up to you to choose what type is the best for your day-to-day use. If you want a lightweight case that won’t mask your phone’s aesthetic, a thin, transparent case is perfect for you. If you want a multi-functional phone case, a folio type or even a battery case would be a great choice. No matter what, phone cases are undoubtedly worth spending money on—as long as you find one that’s fit for your needs!

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