Different Types of Phone Cases: Which One Is Right for You?

With the price of smartphones these days, it’s only right that owners get the best mobile phone cases on the market to protect their investment. However, with the variety of phone cases available today, choosing the right one for your device can be confusing. 

From materials to styles and features, how do you know which one you should get? In this article, we will share more about the factors that you need to consider before you buy a phone case, and the different types of smartphone cases on the market:

Which Phone Case is Right for you? Let’s get after its!

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How Much Protection Does It Offer?

The main reason you’re getting a case for your phone is to protect it. But depending on your phone, you might want extra protection for the back, like if your phone has a glass back. Or perhaps you want thicker bumpers to prevent cracks from forming from the corners or sides if you drop it. As such, make sure you consider the protective features of the case you’re eyeing before you purchase it.

What Color, Style, and Design Do You Want?

Now, this is something that really depends on your preference. You might want something that looks classy or formal, or perhaps something fun and playful. Do you want a solid colour for your smartphone case, or do you prefer something printed? With the countless options available, you’ll surely find one that suits your style, and if you don’t, you can always opt to have your case customised!

What Type and Material Do You Prefer?

As mentioned, phone cases come in a variety of materials and types that you have to think carefully about before you make an impulse decision. Here are some styles that you might want to consider:

1. Hard Shell Phone Cases

As the name suggests, hard phone cases are non-bendable cases made for specific phone models. They often cover the back and sides of the phone and snap into place easily. These cases are much thinner than most other types of cases and are available in both matte and glossy finishes. This type of case is also customisable. 

2. Silicone Phone Cases

Silicone cases have been around since the earliest days of smartphones. The early version of this smartphone case is soft yet offered a nice grip but can be sticky. On the other hand, today’s version is the liquid silicone, which is harder and similar to a gel phone case.

3. TPU Cases

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) cases are more commonly called gel cases. They are usually slim, lightweight, and transparent, although they can also come in different colours and designs. Gel cases are known for their elasticity and durability. On top of that, many prefer them because they do not break and are resistant to both liquid and oil. 

4. Wallet Phone Cases

Wallet phone cases are popular among people who like the convenience of not bring their phone and wallet separately. Usually, this type of wallet is made of PU leather, but you can also find ones that are made of authentic leather. Most wallet phone cases have a front part that flips open like a book with card slots at the back of it. 

5. Rugged Phone Cases

There are phone cases that are much bulkier and more durable than most types. These look more rugged and may even come in multiple layers. Tough phone cases are often preferred by those people who love outdoor activities or work in an environment where it is advisable to have a more robust phone protection. 

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6. Battery Cases

In recent years, battery cases have gained popularity, perhaps rooting from the need to charge phones on the go without bringing a power bank. The only caveat is that they’re usually bulky and not that aesthetically pleasing, but that’s one drawback that some smartphone users are willing to accept.


Smartphones are getting more and more expensive in today’s market, thanks to the demands of consumers. For this reason, there will always be a need for a protective case to ensure the device’s safety. Ultimately, your choice of phone case will depend on the features you are looking for, the level of protection they offer, and the style you prefer. 

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