4 Tips to Extend Your Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Battery Life

Even when the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G smartphone is pitched against itself, the battery life that one user experiences versus another user’s experience can differ significantly. This is because different people utilize their smartphones in different ways. For example, some may spend a lot of time with mobile data enabled, while others may rarely have it on. Some people may also run hardware-intensive apps more so than other users. It is these differences that make battery life a little different for people.

Samsung Galaxy a22

Regardless of how long the battery life is exactly that one person gets, we all share the same goal: make the most out of our batteries. In this article, we’re going to share a few tips on how you can maximize your Galaxy A22 5G battery life:

1. Update to the Latest Firmware

If you haven’t done this already when you have just received your phone or haven’t done it in a while, check to see if there is a new firmware available to install. To do this, go to Settings, then to Software Update. From there, tap on the Download button and install the new firmware, if any. This will help to improve your phone’s battery life simply because each new firmware update will generally introduce performance-enhancing features and help your apps run more efficiently, eating less power.

2. Set Up the Samsung Galaxy A22 Screen Timeout Setting

It is highly likely that you already have some form of screen timeout set for your phone. However, if you didn’t opt for the minimum timeout time, you are wasting battery leaving it on a surface just waiting for the timeout to kick in. As such, go to your Settings then click on Display. From there, tap on Screen Timeout and choose the lowest number available.

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3. Avoid Fully Discharging the Samsung Galaxy A22 Battery

In an attempt to make the most out of your battery, you may use it up to its last percentage. This, unfortunately, is a mistake that’s hurting your phone! By fully discharging your battery, you are hurting the battery’s ability to hold its capacity. As such, when using the phone, try and avoid going below 20% battery. If you get close to it, start charging the phone right away.

On that note, if you are planning to store the phone away for a prolonged period without use, then leave it at least 50% battery to maintain its charge.

4. Utilize the Battery and Samsung Galaxy A22 Care Tool

Samsung devices will have a tool called the Battery and Device Care tool. You can use this tool to scan your phone to extend its battery life, along with other things like clear the ram and clean your storage. To do this, go to your Settings and then tap on Device Care. From there, simply press on Optimize Now, and wait a few seconds.


There are several other ways that you can extend your phone battery’s life that we haven’t included here. This includes disabling your mobile data, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi when not in use, or decreasing your phone’s brightness. Regardless, the more tips you employ, the longer your battery life will be! That being said, understand that over time, the battery will deteriorate no matter what. As such, there will come a time where you may need to replace your phone’s battery to restore the phone’s battery life. Until then, however, apply the tips we’ve shared and make the most out of your smartphone’s battery.

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