Google Pixel 5 Leaked Design, Features & Price.

A few weeks ago, the anticipated Google Pixel 5 was leaked on, Onleaks where Renders showed the design of the purported smartphone from various angles. On the other hand, Jose Antonia Ponton, a Mexican radio host also shared images depicting what Google Pixel 5 is expected to look like.

Though, for now, the prospective smartphone is allegedly called Pixel 5, the certainty isn’t established yet, as there are chances Google renames it.

From the leaks, the front side image of the device portrays that the display feature has a punch -hole design by the top left corner.  Though a previous leak reported the phone might likely debut with a 5.7inch or 5.8-inch screen.

Google Pixel 5 according to the leaks has slim bezels on all four edges of the display unlike the other Pixel predecessors.

Google Pixel 5 leaks, showed the rear side of the device in a square-shaped module which has the camera and an LED flash present at the top corner to the left. The fingerprint sensor and Google’s logo was located at the back cover.

Google Pixel 5 leaked hardware & specs

Google Pixel 5
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Prior to now ,most Google Pixel phones was powered by updated Qualcomm’s processor available at the time . Mostly the snapdragon 800 series chip. For example, Pixel 4 that was released last year was powered by snapdragon 855 chipset . Hence ,the claims of Google Pixel 5 will be powered by the snapdragon 865,however there is a counter claim from AI benchmark site refuting that Google flagship Pixel 5 would be powered by snapdragon 865. AI benchmark site claimed the anticipated Google Pixel 5 might be powered by a mid-range processor snapdragon 765 .

Reports from AI benchmarked also talked about how Google Pixel will run on Android 11, and 8G RAM feature.


Screen           ~6° OLED w/hole -punch camera

Chipset           Snapdragon 765

RAM                 88GB

Storage            128GB

Battery             4000mAh

Camera           primary: 12.2MP

                         Secondary: Wide angle

                         Front facing:8MP hole-Punch

Dimensions    144,7×70 4×8.1mm


Google Pixel 5 will likely support 5G network, if it comes with the snapdragon 765 chipset as rumoured . The snapdragon 765chipset supports the 5G network.


Though no much ado about the battery life of the anticipated Google Pixel 5. However ,hopefully the upcoming Google Pixel 5 might come with an improved battery life compared to its predecessor Pixel 4,which came with a 2800mAh power life . Pixel 4 battery life only lasted for 8hours . Hence ,why Google improved on Pixel 4XL battery life when released.  The device came with a battery life of 3700mAh.

Google Pixel 5 is rumoured to come with 4000mAh battery life. It is also speculated that Google Pixel 5 will support reverse wireless charging.  If the speculation turns out true ,there is great chances Google Pixel 5 comes with an improved battery life.


google pixel5 camera

Claims from 9to5 Google recently talked about accessing the code behind Goggle’s camera, and it says Pixel 5 camera has the Audio zoom effect, this feature helps to target the microphone in the right direction of whatever is being recorded, it also has the ability to adjust the intensity of the camera’s flash.

Google Pixel 5 is rumoured to share similar camera feature with Samsung Galaxy S20. The feature is a raw camera spec where the sensor at the bottom is tilted to a wide-angle lens. Google Pixel 5 will be the first phone to share the same feature with Samsung Galaxy 20 if the claim turns out true.


The price of the phone isn’t known yet. Not even from the leaks.  Though the trend with Google lately is that their prices drop for each new releases. For instance, Google Pixel 4 came at a cheaper price than that of Google Pixel 3. There are every chance the trend continues with the anticipated Google Pixel

Release date for google pixel 5

Google hasn’t said anything precisely about the release date for Pixel 5 yet. Google only revealed it’s next Pixel event dated for September 30th. Hopefully, Google might announce it’s the release date for the device on that day. Though, Google once slated October 8th  for the pre-order through one of its French blog. It is no longer certain if there would be pre-orders for Google Pixel 5 on the said date since the leak.

As it stands, no specific date has been set for the release of the phone yet.

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