What We Know So Far About the Google Pixel Fold

Let’s get after the Google Pixel Fold? Despite people’s concerns and doubts about foldable devices, there’s nothing stopping the fact that they’re becoming more popular as technology improves to make foldable devices better and better. Brands like Samsung, Huawei, and a few others have come up with foldable phones to hop into the trend, and recently, Google has also come up with one: the Google Pixel Fold.

Today, we’ll delve deeper into the Google Pixel Fold, sharing what you need to know about this new foldable phone:

Google Pixel Fold

1. The Name Google Pixel Fold

With the phone-naming trends of today, many of us can easily assume that Google’s new foldable phone will be called the Pixel Fold. Of course, this is just an assumption, and its real name is yet to be discovered. However, there is only one clue we have from Google’s internal codename, and that name is “Passport.” Again, this isn’t proof of what the phone’s real name is. After all, a similar instance of a Google phone called “Needlefish” for the 5G Pixel 4 model never came to be. Then again, we know that passports are foldable, and that might be the proof we need that a foldable phone is up and coming!

2. The Features

The first and most obvious feature of a foldable phone is its, well, ability to fold. However, how it’s going to fold is still as good as anyone’s guess. It could be the side-to-side fold that Samsung uses on their Z Fold 2 or a top-down fold of the Z Flip. It might even fold the way the LG Rollable folds, albeit that phone has already been cancelled. However it folds, we can hope that Google makes it convenient and sensible.

Apart from its ability to be folded, Google seems to be opting for Samsung’s screen. In other words, they’re going to buy Samsung screens for their phone. This isn’t out of the norm, as Samsung is a massive producer of screens and sells to big brands like Xiaomi. As to what screen Google is buying, we believe that they will buy the 7.6-inch OLED screen.

There’s still a lot still hidden about the brand-new phone, but with the improvements that Samsung has made to their screens after the laughable performance of the original Z Fold, chances are Google’s phone won’t have that problem, or at least not too much of it.

3. The Cost

We have no idea how much Google’s foldable phone will cost. One thing’s for sure though: it won’t be cheap. Foldable phones today are incredibly expensive, and many cost well over a thousand dollars, even nearing the two-thousand dollar mark in some cases.

4. The Release Date

The same can be said about the release date as what we’ve said about the phone’s cost: we have no idea. However, there’s some rumour that Google will announce or even launch it in early 2022. Then again, this is just an assumption, and we won’t know until Google themselves says something.

Pixel Fold


There’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the so-called Google Pixel Fold, and we aren’t even sure if that would be its name. However, signs are becoming more promising in pointing out that the phone is in development. Hopefully, by early next year, 2022, the phone will be announced and launched for those looking to own a foldable phone by Google themselves. Meanwhile, we can all sit back and enjoy the phones that Google has already released, such as the impressive Google Pixel 6 Pro and the like. These phones are great for what they are, and you cannot go wrong with purchasing one.

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