How to Choose the Best Phone Case for Your Lifestyle

These days, getting a new phone doesn’t end with just buying a new unit. You have to think about the various accessories to supplement its function, such as a charging cable (or wireless charger), a screen protector, and a phone case.

People are spending more and more time on their phones every day. Of course, you will want to protect your treasured device from any sort of damage in the (likely) event that you drop it. So, you’re faced with a new problem: what kind of phone case should you get?

Mobile phone cases come in many shapes, sizes, materials, textures, and included features. As such, a quick Google search may be overwhelming if you’re in the market for a new case! This guide is here to help you with your search. 

Here are three things to consider when picking the perfect phone case:

1. How Much Protection Do You Need?

closed smartphone cases

Before buying a phone case, think through your lifestyle and your daily habits. Are you a clumsy person? Have you broken the screen on more than one phone? In that case, you should opt for a heavy-duty phone case that has a military drop test certification.

If you work in an office or your home every day, and the hardest surface you can drop a phone on is a carpet or a rug, then a lightweight case should be enough for you.

If you bought your phone for how it looks, and you don’t want to cover up its beautiful design, then a simple, transparent case is the best choice!

2. What’s the Price Range You’re Willing to Work With?

All things considered, your smartphone case is only an accessory. Sure, it plays a crucial role in protecting your phone—but it’s secondary to your effort and diligence in caring for your device. Because of this, you may not want to spend too much on your phone case.

However, not all phone cases are made the same. You can get a lightweight clear plastic case for less than £5, and that could be protection enough from dust and smudges. But that case will not save your phone from damage if you drop it on the ground while hiking.

It may be absurd to even think of spending more than £25 on a phone case—but a tough, military-certified polycarbonate case can take just about anything you throw at it. Some phone case manufacturers even offer lifetime warranties on their products! So if you’re thinking long-term, that’s something to consider. 

You just have to find a good balance between price and function—so consider your needs and consider your budget before making a choice!

3. What Special Functionalities Do You Need?

iphone case with wallet

You may want to explore phone cases with additional functions too. Some cases come with stands that pop out, making your phone easier to hold or orient horizontally to watch video content—while some have straps that you can use to secure your phone around your fingers or wrist. 

Other high-end mobile phone case functions include:

Wallet – Most foldable phone cases include compartments where you can store cards and cash for maximum convenience. This is great if you don’t like carrying a bulky wallet around all the time!

Battery case – These cases have built-in batteries for that moment when your phone is running out of juice in the middle of the day.

Waterproof – If your phone has a good IP rating, you can match it with a waterproof phone case, too. Most of such cases can be submerged in up to 7 feet of water.


The more time you spend holding your phone, the more the chances are to drop it or damage it somehow. As such, there will always be a need for protective cases to ensure your device’s longevity. With thousands of phone cases to choose from, you must base your decision on your lifestyle, personal habits, price, and other features you may want to have every day.

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