How to get rid of my phone addiction

How to get rid of my phone addiction? Phone addiction isn’t a joke, it’s real! Researchers have classified phone addiction to be a psychological dependence on cell phones. This addiction often comes about due to digital overuse. Phone addiction is classified under the overuse of social media and the internet in general.

Smartphones have made it almost impossible for some consumers to focus on other things. They prompt their owners to use them all the time, even when having a physical conversation with another person, during meal times, at work, and even in the toilet.

Acknowledging that you’re addicted to your phone is probably the first step to recovery. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Getting rid of your phone addiction takes a lot more than just say “I quit.” Still, congrats on making the decision.

Below are some of the best ways to help you get rid of that phone addiction. It’s also important that you snap back to reality and out of the imaginary world in your phone.

How to get rid of my phone addiction

How to get rid of my phone addiction

Don’t go to bed with your phone

Scientists have discovered that the blue light on your phone screen distorts your sleep hormones. For this reason, it’s always a bad idea to use your phone while in bed. The decision to keep your phone away may be difficult at the start but with much practice and time, you get used to this new routine.

Start respecting meal times

This has to be a personal commitment. You can start by telling yourself that meal times deserve to be respected. It may not make sense because as an addict you don’t see how damaging it is, but once you start to believe then it will prove effective.

Even if you’re surrounded by people using their phones during meal times, refrain from pulling out your no matter what. Remember you have a goal.

Switch your phone for an alarm clock

For phone addicts, reaching out for their phones almost happens as a reflex action. It’s the first thing to touch in the morning and the last thing to see when going to bed.  Addicts normally use their phones to check on time which isn’t at all bad. For someone trying to quit though, it’s necessary to remove some of the many reasons to check your phone all the time. Instead, switch your phone for an alarm clock. You can use it to check on time other than having an excuse to check using your phone.

Disable notifications

symptoms of phone addiction

Disable notifications that keep popping up from time to time. They’re the main driver for phone addiction. Applications like Instagram designed push notifications to keep their consumers glued to their phone screens. When you keep allowing these notifications to come in as they please you keep giving in to the temptation to pick your phone and check. Come to think of it, most of them just a waste of time. So turning them off means no reminder. You’re now one step ahead to quitting phone addiction.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

If you’re to carry out a complete check-up on your apps, 80% of them will most likely turn out to be a huge waste of time and space. This goes especially for applications with the push notification enabled. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Start by uninstalling them and watch the magic happen.

Complicate your phone lock

Complicated locks have this tendency of making us give up on opening our phones. With a much more complex password, you’ll find yourself losing morale to type it in. To do this, simply include both upper case and lower case letters, numbers plus characters. Make it as long as 17 characters. Once you do this believe it, it won’t be fun typing in a never-ending password.

Make good use of airplane mode

Some notifications can’t be turned off by a mere press of a button. However, with the airplane mode feature on your phone, notifications can be stopped totally! This feature will completely cut off internet connection, incoming calls, messages everything. You won’t find any serious reason to use the phone. It’s one of the best ways to curb phone addiction.

Select a day when you can’t use your phone

How to get rid of my phone addiction: Not being able to access your phone even just more a day is heartbreaking but very necessary. It creates time for you to at least focus on other things other than your phone. So simply pick out a day say Tuesday or Friday and decide not to carry your phone. To achieve this method, completely switch it off and focus on your other work. Do not carry the phone with you for whatever reason otherwise you’ll get tempted to use it.

Replace your phone addiction habit

One of the best ways to fight addiction is by replacing that habit with something else. Your brain will record it and get used to it. For example, if you’ve been using your phone almost every day, you can replace it with reading a physical book instead, not an online book.

Apply the “stopping rule”

How to get rid of my phone addiction: Bad habits are hard to break. You may decide to break them but somehow they find a way of returning. With that said though, nothing is impossible. Every time you feel your hands itching to touch your phone, tell yourself “no” it’s important that you say it and mean it. In case it proves difficult, move away from the phone and try to focus on something else. It will set in with time.

Keep your goal in mind

How to get rid of my phone addiction: Remember your main goal is to get rid of phone addiction. Make sure to incorporate this into all the decisions you make. It won’t be an easy process but with extra effort on your part, you can recover from phone addiction.

How to get rid of my phone addiction: Conclusion

Phones remain one of the most essential gadgets to have around at this time. You can’t completely erase the fact that they’re needed. However, you can minimize how often it’s used. Phone addiction is real but it can also be worked on. The above methods are guaranteed to give positive results if they’re followed to the dot.

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