Signs to look out for that might mean your phone is being tracked

Signs to look out for that might mean your phone is being tracked: Phones are the most convenient way to do almost anything. They are also one of the best ways to store one’s personal information. Some of this information includes; emails, videos, pictures, text messages, passwords, contacts, browsing history on the internet, list of preferred social media sites, among others.

With the emergence of high-tech tracking software, all this information can be accessed within minutes.

Just imagine if someone were to get a hold of all your phone’s private information. They would be able to control your every move, and even worse, manipulate you. Even with protective features like passwords, there isn’t a 100 % guarantee that your phone is safe from tracking. Someone that wants to get ahold of your personal information will stop at nothing until they do.

Signs to look out for that might mean your phone is being tracked

Of course, there are a thousand reasons as to why you would be a target. Maybe it’s your kind of profession. Someone or a certain company would want to have certain files disappeared. Or you’re a teacher and this student in your class has been failing miserably so, they track you get your password and hack into your account without you even noticing. The motives as to why this could happen to you are so many it would take forever to list them all.

That’s why it’s very important to know Signs to look out for that might mean your phone is being tracked

With today’s technology, everyone is a potential target of being tracked.

There are some tell – tell signs that you can identify to keep secret trackers away. A carefree person that doesn’t monitor their phone wouldn’t be able to suspect. But the one with a keen eye would notice changes on their device to tell that certain spy software is probably secretly installed on their phone. Below are a few common things to look out for, as they could be signs that your device is being tracked. Signs of How to tell if your phone is being tracked include:

Increase in data usage: Signs to look out for that might mean your phone is being tracked

Has your data usage suddenly increased? If this is the case then there are chances that someone could be tracking your phone. Phones that are being tracked tend to experience an increase in data usage. This is because high-quality software is employed to retrieve bulky amounts of private information from your phone.

Activities appear to be in standby mode

It’s the usual things like incoming calls and messages that can cause phones to be in standby mode. Other than this, your phone shouldn’t be in stand-by mode. Endeavour to look out for strange or unfamiliar sounds. This is another sign that your phone is maybe being tracked. Some of the noises sound like an alarm bell.

A sudden reboot

A device that just restarts itself even when it hasn’t been commanded to, sends a clear alarm that something isn’t right. There is every need for you to worry when this happens. A secret tracker may have been installed on your device without your knowledge. They can reboot your phone by remote control, causing it to suddenly restart itself as you’re in the middle of an activity.

Strange sounds during phone calls

Today’s networks have improved and almost everyone has a clear connection no matter where they are. It’s a bit rear that you’ll hear funny noises in the background. In previous days, weird noises could be heard as calls are being received. The reason for this was because of a poor network connection. But things have changed since then. Today it’s all about clear connections. Chances of hearing strange background noises are slim. You must listen closely when speaking. Do not take any weird sound in the background for granted.

Strange text messages

The weird text messages being referred to here are far from the usual messages you know. These contain codes in the form of random numeric characters and symbols that spy wizards use to track their victims. The messages appear this way because of poor quality spy software. So if you start to notice your text messages appearing with these numbers, then you can be sure that they were sent from a poor quality spy network.

Battery life downgrades: Signs to look out for that might mean your phone is being tracked.

You being the owner of your phone knows how long your battery lasts. If it suddenly starts to take a shorter time than it used to, it could be another sign that malicious software is draining it. The tracking process causes your battery to downgrade because of the constant monitoring of your device activities. This sign goes hand in hand with increase data usage on your side. However, to clear both possibilities, it’s better to investigate whether it’s not being caused by an old battery. This step will work if your battery is the removable type. You can take it out and first replace it with a new one to see how long it will last. This method will help clear out most of your suspicions.

Battery overheating

Take note of your phone temperatures. If it heats up on a minimal level, you should not worry. The problem comes in when it over heats to the extent where it’s burning hot. This could also be a case of unknown spying software tirelessly retrieving personal data in the background.

Takes longer to shut down

Similar to a computer, your phone closes all activities when the power button is pressed. If there’s other software running in the background, the phone will take an even longer time to shut down because all open windows which may include spy software are still running in the background. Having such delays when shutting down your phone is a possible sign of being tracked.

Trouble shutting down: Signs to look out for that might mean your phone is being tracked

Say you’ve completed all your work on your phone and you want to shut it down but then it rejects this command. Spy software running behind the scenes could be to blame for this. Another example is when you shut down your phone and its backlight refuses to completely go off, spyware could be stopping this action from taking effect.

Prolonged processing time

Devices manufactured in recent years come designed with high-speed processors that can run several apps all at once. Check whether your phone falls in the recent category of devices and still takes forever to process a task. Spy software may still be running another task that’s causing the delay in shutting down.

Common spying software in today’s market which enable spying and you should be aware of to be able to know How to tell if your phone is being tracked include:

  • TheOneSpy
  • Highster mobile
  • SpyEra
  • FexiSPY among others

The spying software mentioned above can record phone calls, messages, and even monitor your daily phone activities. The person monitoring you doesn’t miss any single thing you do.

Advanced software even changes the entire game. It’s the kind of software that’s capable of capturing your password, using your front camera to view you, and even worse lock you out of your device.


How to tell if you’re phone is being tracked; This is how you can tell if your phone is being tracked. Be sure to thoroughly investigate suspicious or unusual phone activity taking place on your phone, no matter how strange it may sound. Use the above information to zero down on what could be the possible reason for these happenings. Otherwise, guard your phone well because some people out there could be scavenging to land on your personal information.

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