How to wireless charge your iPhone SE 2020

How to wireless charge your iPhone SE 2020? Apple’s new iPhone SE 2020 was launched this year April 2020. It comes fully enabled with Qi wireless charging feature. This feature as we know wasn’t available in the latter iPhone SE nor the iPhone 7.

Everyone’s embracing wireless charging technology mainly because of its convenience. Something that wired charging has fallen short of. Today Qi chargers can be found in cars, hotels, airports, homes you name it. They are no longer a rarity, it’s everywhere and in most smartphones.

Of course, the wireless charging mat has to be powered for you to use if from anywhere, the office or home. Before we talk about wireless charging, it’s necessary to note that an iphone requires at least a maximum of 7.5W of electricity so that it can charge wirelessly.

How to wireless charge your iPhone SE 2020

Several chargers were designed to wireless charge your iPhone SE 2020 and a few of them are listed below.

The Nomad Wireless Qi Charging Pad With An Apple Watch

This type of wireless charger is designed by Nomad.  It has an aluminium frame and completed with leather padding. If you’re into stylish things then you need to try this one out. This stylish wireless charger was designed with the iPhone SE 2020 in mind. It emits 7.5W of power which is enough to charge the device.

Ted Baker Connected Desktop Wireless Charge

Quite similar to the Nomad wireless charger, the Ted baker wireless charger is made up of rich leather and aluminium. It, however, gets even better as it’s able to produce up to 10W output enabling it to fast charge your iPhone within a short time.

Devia Wireless Smartphone And Apple Watch Charger

The Devia wireless charger can also charge your phone and watch at the same time. It has a rather simple look and comes with 12W of power that can fast charge your iPhone and apple watch all at the same time.

KSIX Smart Alarm Clock With Qi Fast Charge

The alarm clock design gives it a whole other look.  it has a 10 W power output that can wirelessly charge your iPhone SE 2020. This charger would look great if placed on your office desk or even on that bedside table.

Now that you know some of the suitable chargers that work for your iPhone SE 2020, you must know how to use them.

Below are simple steps on how to wireless charge your iPhone SE 2020.

Step 1:

Ensure that your phone is compatible with the wireless charger you purchased. For example, the Nomad wireless Qi charging pad is compatible with the iPhone SE 2020.

Step 2:

Check for and remove any other metallic/magnetic objects in the vicinity. Only your charging pad and the phone should be within your charging radius. The reason for this is that wireless charging relies on magnetic induction for it to charge your phone. So if these other magnetic objects are within its radius it causes much more harm than good.

Step 3:

Next, you are going to place your iPhone at the centre, with its screen facing up so that the back of the phone gently lays against the charging pad.

Step 4:

As you’re in the process of charging your phone, you need to align it properly until you see the battery charging icon appearing at the top of your screen to show that your phone is now charging.


In case the charging icon fails to appear or seems to be taking long, remove the phone away for five seconds and then put it back, aligning your charger together with the phone. One of the reasons why your phone may not be charging could be because of its thick metal case so you need to try and remove the case if there’s one.

Those are the step by step guides on how you can charge your iPhone SE 2020 wirelessly. This kind of wireless charging has advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages & Disadvantages of wireless charging your iPhone SE 2020


  • Less plugging and unplugging sessions. With a Qi wireless charger, you can charge your iPhone without worrying about plugging in and out wires from sockets. You simply place your phone at the center of the charging pad and wait for it to fill up
  • Your phone’s battery doesn’t fry up. This is because most of these wireless chargers are smart. They can detect when the device has fully charged so they can automatically disconnect themselves hence protecting your battery from heating up. As soon as the charging mat detects the battery heating up, it will stop charging for some time until the battery temperature drops.
  • Wireless charging makes everything look sleek. No sockets, no wires, and all that. It’s great when you can simply see a smartphone comfortably charging on its charging mat, everything is in its place.
  • Improved charging speed. Most people know that wireless chargers charge much slower than wired chargers. However, things are changing with better and faster wireless chargers being designed. Take for instance the Nomad’s 10W wireless charger charges faster than most standard chargers.
  • The wireless chargers come in a variety of styles and sizes that you can choose from depending on what you like. You can choose a smaller one if you are looking for something that you can carry without feeling inconvenienced.  The larger charging pad can charge multiple phones.
  • You can also choose a special angled charger especially if you are the working type, either from home or at work. This option enables the phone to tilt in your preferred position. You can directly view the screen as you’re working.


  • Charging wireless is probably the best thing that could have happened for the iPhone Se 2020. However, it doesn’t eliminate the fact that you’re required to use an adapter. The charging pad itself requires the power to charge your device.
  • It just seems like double work. Worse still, some charging pads do not come with adapters, so to use them you have to purchase a separate adapter which is just costly.
  • Even the small incoming phone notifications that cause the phone to vibrate can cause the charging mat to stop charging your iPhone. The solution to this is always enabling the Do not disturb function as you’re going to charge the device.
  • For this same reason, the interruptions messing up the charging process. It becomes a little difficult to use the phone when it’s charging.
  • Chargers that charge lower than 7.5W cannot charge your iPhone SE 2020. It has to be a notch higher than 7.5W. This is a disadvantage because one has to go through the hurdles of getting a fast charger for the iPhone SE 2020 not only because it charges faster, but because it’s compatible for that specific phone.
  • Slow charging. With its charging ability improved, this method of wireless charging is still really slow if you’re to compare it to other methods like wired charging. Wireless charging can take about 2hours until full charge yet wired charging just needs an hour or even less when you’re using fast-chargers.

The problems with using wired chargers.

  • With wired charges, you can only charge one device at a go. This is very inconveniencing for people that may have two devices. They would have to choose between waiting for the other device to first charge and replace it with the other or simply purchase another charger.
  • Wireless charging is associated with certain risks that come with plugging into public USB chargers. This is because the public USB charging hubs can send and retrieve data without you even knowing it.
  • Wired chargers easily get damaged. This is due to the constant plugging and unplugging process into sockets. Sometimes they tend to fail when being fixed into sockets forcing one to forcibly fix them which can damage and stop them from working.
  • They can easily damage your phone in case of a power surge. Power surges can cause your phone to stop working immediately or cause a fire which could place lives at risk.


How to wireless charge your iPhone SE 2020? To answer this question, there are many differences between wired charging and wireless charging as explained through the advantages and disadvantages. Wired charging has been around for quite some time and was recently joined by wireless charging which seems like the future. Each and everyday improvements are being made to style, charging speed, safety, and compatibility to different phones just as we’ve seen with the iPhone SE 2020 compatible wireless chargers. Feel free to decide on and try out your most preferred charging method based on the information provided above.

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