3 Key Features of the Ideal Car Charger for Your Smartphone

Car chargers may not be necessary at first when using a brand-new smartphone for the first time. However, modern-day users like you will require them as the battery life decreases and the need for mobile devices while riding or driving vehicles grows. Thus, before making any purchase, the phone charger you select should have certain features to make its use worthwhile. The problem is there are plenty of options out there, and more are being produced in the market. It can be easy to get overwhelmed. As a starting point, consider the following features: 

Car Charger


It is given that you are most likely on the go, whether you are driving or riding a car. It means all your phone accessories should be easy to pack up and use, ensuring utmost convenience. Fortunately, some car chargers are travel-sized and even come in lightweight cases. This feature can be intended for short and long road trips, depending on the errands and destinations. 

When opting for travel-sized car chargers, ensure you know the proper way of bundling the cords together to avoid destroying the vulnerable components. Ideally, going for more pricey options is the best since cheap phone chargers for travel often heat up quickly and don’t charge devices properly. Most importantly, get a USB connector that matches your phone and other electronics to avoid inconveniences. 

Fast charging 

Charging mobile phones quickly is a valuable feature to have in the car since it allows everyone to charge electronics efficiently. While having multiple inputs for charging can be a great solution, pairing it with faster charging speeds ensures convenience. This way, it is much easier to use a fully powered smartphone to navigate, call, play music, and more. Just get the necessary charging modifications for your phone. 

For instance, if you prefer an Android phone, go for one with adaptive fast charging, which is a common feature among Samsung phones. In the case of iPhones, be reminded that the device needs to be at 50 per cent capacity first before fast charging. Remember, these settings are important to ensure proper battery life and avoid complications in the long run. Also, if your phone doesn’t support fast charging, consider switching to a unit that does. 

wireless charging

Wireless charging

It is a given that most drivers and passengers would rather charge their mobile phones without the need of dealing with pesky USB cords, which typically don’t have a long usage life. Thus, going for wireless chargers is more practical and user-friendly than other charging options. You no longer need to worry about cords getting tangled and can easily pack them up when leaving the car. Just ensure your phone can accommodate this type of charging since most older models often cannot do so. Additionally, avoid letting your devices charge while exposed to direct sunlight since doing this can affect the battery’s capacity and longevity. 


Phone chargers designed for use in cars are a great asset to have, provided that you choose the best option tailored to your needs which is very important. Thus, take note of the ideal features mentioned above in this article or continue to do your research before purchasing anything. Meanwhile, if you need a reliable source for top-quality smartphone accessories, like car chargers, then you have come to the right place! 

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