Is Technology Making Mobile Phones Better or Worse?

Over the past 30 years, mobile phones have transformed our lives in ways no one would have imagined. It all comes down to whether mobile phones have made our lives better or worse especially with the new tech innovations.

So is Technology Making Mobile Phones Better or Worse?

 is Technology Making Mobile Phones Better or Worse?

For the 2020 generation, try telling them what life was like before mobile phones came in the picture. Or even what life was like when all you’d do on your phone was send a text message and make a call. Only that. Take them back to a time back in 1985 when writing down on a piece of paper was the only means of communicating with someone far away from home.

This may sound shocking to you, but to them, it’s simply unimaginable! How do you live like that/ tell them how you’d walk for miles just to get to the post office to deliver a letter. Today all they know is mobile phones can do it all, as long as you have the uber app, you can reach the end of the world in seconds.

Today, tech companies have manufactured and improved the already available phones which have made what seemed impossible decades ago very possible now. Let’s see how tech is making mobile phones better or worse.

Tech is making lives easier through creating better communication channels

Decades ago one would have to wait for a message for days and weeks, sometimes months. Today, all it takes is a few clicks on your iPhone or Samsung mobile phone to send out an email, a message to your boss or family. Interfacing has drastically improved with the modern age of technology.

Online advertising and marketing is now possible

This has certainly made life better. Through online advertising, different businesses can showcase their products and services without having to move an inch. All they need to do is be able to pass their message across their target audience via mobile phones. Online marketing and advertising platforms like Facebook marketing and Google ads have made it so easy.

A boost in the travel industry

Today’s mobile phones have impacted a lot in the travel industry. Take for instance Google maps and Google earth which phone users can use to their convenience. Tech has introduced these services to most mobile phones bringing in new business models in the travel sector such as car rentals, the likes of uber which are all at your disposal.

Learning is now easier and more efficient

It’s with no doubt that today the internet has been a source of information for so many people in the last couple of years. As long as your mobile phone can connect to the internet, you can get all the information you need.

Mobile phones can now store data

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Years back, retrieving data was a very rigorous process to deal with because people had to scour different files more so handpicking the files until you find which one you’re looking for. In this century, all you need to do is save your data on your mobile phone. Then, when you need that specific file, you can search for it within seconds and before you know it, you’ve found it. It’s not only time saving but shows how tech has made mobile phones which have made our lives better.

Safer online payments

By now, you’ve probably heard or been a victim of identity theft and cybercrime. Tech companies have found ways to avoid this. Applications like Apple Pay allow you to store your credit card information in a more secure source. Transactions can only be made with fingerprint verification.

Improved healthcare

Ever heard of mobile applications that help you monitor your sugar levels and pulse rates? That’s how far tech has made better mobile phones. Patients can now remotely report data to their doctors and keep a closer eye on their medical conditions.

Exercise incentive

It’s not easy to exercise every day. Innovative tech companies have realized the need to offer strong exercise incentives to help people help themselves. Examples of exercises you can now access on mobile phones are Pokémon Go. These app rewards players for walking as much as 6 miles every day.

However, it’s not only rainbows and roses with mobile phones. The innovations from tech companies have made some people’s lives worse. Here’s how:

New sleep disorders

Feelings of Anxiety phone addiction

Multiple research studies have shown that mobile phone users that were glued to their phones before going to bed found it hard to sleep due to the blue light emitted. Not only does this blue light disrupt sleep patterns but distracts us. This is because people keep scrolling through social media sites, playing online games, and surfing the internet without keeping track of time. It’s addicting.

Ruined romantic relationships

This has maybe happened to you already! You’ve gone on a date with your partner and they are busy scrolling through their phone and ignoring you. This makes the other person feel unappreciated and eventually, they end up leaving.

Replaced in-person communication

Today most people prefer to have in-depth discussions and disagreements via phone instead of meeting physically. This has altered our comfort levels and honest communication.

People now base their worth on social media likes

You’ve probably seen people on sites like Instagram and Facebook boasting about their 1 million likes. Several people compare themselves to others on these platforms which ends up affecting their self-esteem and leading to depression.

You’re expected to be online and connected

Nowadays people expect you to be digitally connected 24/7 instantly replying to texts, emails, messages, and calls. This however isn’t realistic and can cause problems if you aren’t available.


Tech has made mobiles better for us in so many unbelievable ways with all the innovations. These innovations however may turn out to be problematic for some people making to the extent of making their lives worse. Mobile phones are still a work in progress and we can only hope that soon most of the problems will be solved.

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