Phone Cases and Screen Protectors: A Guide for iPhone Users

Phone Cases and Screen Protectors: Your iPhone is an essential part of your everyday life, as it lets you keep in touch with others and helps you stay entertained and informed. Since it is a worthwhile investment, this device needs proper care. All you need is a high-quality mobile phone case and screen protector to protect against impact damage from falls and bumps.

What do we know about Phone Cases and Screen Protectors. Let get after it!

What Factors Should I Consider in Buying a Phone Case?

Phone Cases and Screen Protectors

Smartphone cases come in a wide variety of materials, and the most common ones are rugged rubber, silicon, and hard plastic. If you are having a hard time determining which one is the best for your needs, use this article as your guide to Phone Cases and Screen Protectors.  

General maintenance

A rubber case may attract lint, dirt, and other debris, depending on its outermost layer’s texture. You can maintain its high quality by following the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning and storing it. 

Meanwhile, a silicon case is also prone to attracting lint and dust, but you can easily keep it in excellent condition by washing it with water and mild soap. 

A plastic case doesn’t attract lint, but it is susceptible to scratches. It requires more care because too many surface scratches may result in a well-worn looking case. To keep it clean without scratching its surface, wipe it using a soft, damp cloth.

Size and fit

Each case fits the phone securely as it covers the entire device except for the ports, buttons, and screen. A standard silicone case is durable yet thin. It may be your best option if you’re looking for one that adds the least amount of bulk to your phone. 

On the other hand, you may prefer a rugged rubber case if you prioritise sturdiness and protection and don’t mind the cover’s thicker sides and corners. While it adds bulk to your phone, it can help your device withstand significant impact from a sudden fall.

A plastic case has two pieces that slide together around your phone. It is bulkier than a rubber cover but thinner than a silicone case. Regardless of your preferred material and style, choose a case specially designed to your phone model to ensure a secure fit.

Customised look

Phone cases can be personalised to suit your style and let you make a statement. While silicone cases have various designs and other decorative elements, the best material that offers the most creative solution is plastic. 

Unlike other covers, this type of case allows you to create your own design. You can buy a plain one and add crystals, decals, and stickers or print an image directly to the case. Doing this lets you unleash your creativity and uniquely express your personality.


Rubber, plastic, and silicone cases offer different levels of protection to prevent damage if you accidentally drop your phone. To give the best protection for your phone, buy a rubber one. This case has a combination of a rigid layer and a silicone liner for increased shock absorption. It also offers additional features, such as water resistance and screen protection, making it ideal for you if you are always on-the-go or you tend to drop your phone frequently. 

Go for a silicone case if you are confident about taking good care of your device. It offers protection against only short-distance drops. Since it is made of only a thin layer of silicone, it may not be able to protect your gadget from damage if it falls with a lot of force or from a great distance. However, its texture helps prevent your phone from sliding. 

Another case that offers reliable protection against bumps and drops is the plastic kind. While it may tend to slide off when bumped, you can expect it to cushion your phone against damage from impact.


Your iPhone has a sleek design made of glass or metal. It looks aesthetically pleasing, but it can easily slip out of your hands when you’re not careful. With a quality phone case, you can ensure that your device does not fall from your grip.

Plastic and silicone both have smooth textures. They have a comfortable feel, but they can be prone to slipping from your hands. Opt for a rubber cover to get more grip.

Do I Still Need a Screen Protector Even If I Already Have a Phone Case?

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You probably shelled out a massive amount of money to buy your iPhone. Your device also contains your valuable personal information, so it’s best to keep it safe from damage using a quality case and screen protector.

Damage prevention is ideal for delicate electronics, but the truth is that some iPhone models don’t require screen protectors and cases. For instance, iPhone 5 already has enough protective features into its design. 

iPhones generally don’t need screen protectors, but you might want one for extra protection and functionality. Here are some features of screen protectors that you can benefit from:

Impact protection

Your phone screen made of strong optical glass can still get broken if dropped or impacted by another object. Fortunately, you can reduce damage by adding a bit of shock-absorbing material to it with a screen protector. 

The difference may be minimal, but every little bit of help can help. In other words, a quality screen protector can protect your screen from getting shattered if you drop your phone.

Scratch-resistant features

Your phone screen is scratch-resistant and durable, and its case design reduces potential scratch risks. Your smartphone is safe from regular scratches and daily wear and tear, but its screen can get scratched if subjected to sharp object applied with a lot of pressure. Use a screen protector to avoid scratches.


One of the most pressing concerns about screen protectors is it can make your touchscreen slightly less responsive as it serves as a barrier between your fingertips and the screen. This is especially true for poorly applied films that bubble. Meanwhile, they also offer extra beneficial features, like glare reduction and additional privacy. To enjoy these advantages, be careful when applying your protector to the screen to prevent air bubbles.

Phone Cases and Screen Protectors: Conclusions

iPhone users usually take their devices for granted and leave them unprotected. Since your smartphone is one of your most valuable possessions, keep it free from scratches and smudges by investing in phone cases and screen protectors. Remember the important information mentioned in this guide to help you make an informed decision when searching for the right one that suits your needs and preferences.

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