Picking the Perfect Phone Case: 3 Crucial Things to Consider

With all the time people spend on their phones, getting a phone case is a no-brainer for many people. If you’re using a small, slippery thing for 16 hours a day, then you’re almost certainly going to drop it once in a while—which is a risk you won’t like for such an essential yet flimsy object.

Choosing the perfect smartphone case is a delicate balance between protection capability, functionality, and design. No phone case is infallible, but you can choose one that will fit your aesthetic and lifestyle!

Here are the three most important things to consider when choosing a case for your smartphone:

iphone on a table with a case
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The Protecting Capability

Smartphone technicians worldwide all have stories about the weirdest ways people have dropped their phones. In fact, you probably have one yourself! Dropping a phone without a protective case is a nightmare scenario you can avoid by choosing a phone case that is suitable for your environment and your daily activities.

Shock-absorbing silicone and rubber provide a basic level of protection. Bumper and TPU cases are soft and bendy, but they can provide a good grip that can keep your phone from slipping through your fingers. A silicone phone case will be more than enough to protect your phone from short distance drops. If your daily routine is just spending time at home or in the office, then this is all you need.

If you keep your phone in your bag along with car keys and other sharp objects, carbon skins and thin-fit cases can protect your phone’s back and sides from scratches. However, take note that these will be of little to no help in preventing damage if you drop your phone.

A bulky, hardshell phone case is recommended for maximum protection. These are usually made from hard rubber and plastic, perfect for absorbing the shock of drops from a significant height. If you spend a lot of time in rugged terrain outdoors, then a military-grade protective case is perfect for you!

The Aesthetic

IPhone with aesthetic red case
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There is no doubt that hardshell phone cases offer the best protection for your phone—but they are often very bulky, hiding the sleek aesthetic of a high-end flagship model. Some thicker cases are hard to grip in one hand as well, especially if your phone is already over 6.5 inches tall.

Choosing a phone case is a balance between form and functionality. After all, it would be a shame to keep a phone’s beautiful glass back hidden behind a case! If aesthetics are your priority, you can get a transparent plastic or silicone case, carbon skins, or thin fit covers. You can try new colours and textures if your phone is a simple black colour, or show off your phone’s design with a minimalist clear case.

The Special Functions

Phone cases have become so ubiquitous that some brands are taking phone protection to a new level. Cases now include functions that go beyond protecting your phone in the off chance that you drop it.

Some phone cases now have integrated battery backs, heat dissipation technology, blood pressure monitors, and fidget-friendly designs. If you want a feature-driven, specialised case that will do more than just protect your phone, there are many options for you, too!


The perfect phone case is different for every person. By keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind, you can prioritise what’s important and truly find the best balance between form and functionality that fits your cellphone usage. Remember, it’s up to you to line up your priorities and make a decision from there!

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