Prolonging Your Phone Service Life: 3 Tips to Consider

How to Prolonging Your Phone Service Life: No matter how prevalent they are in society today, a smartphone will never be the cheapest thing anyone owns. For that reason, you will want to make sure it does not break easily, allowing you to benefit from it for years to come. That being said, accidents do happen—and there are some mistakes you can make that can seriously compromise the life of your phone, forcing you to repair it or buy a new one prematurely.

To make sure your phone lasts, here are some useful tips to ensure your phone will continue to run without an issue for as long as possible:

1. Use a protective casing

Prolonging Your Phone Service Life
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One of the first things you should in phone service to prolong the lifespan of the handset is invest in a protective casing for the phone. It helps reduce the impacts your phone may experience, whether it be bumping around in your pocket or even hitting the floor when you accidentally drop it. 

Also, depending on the model you use, it can even protect the camera and other sensitive parts of the phone from degrading. Any impact to such components can either hurt the device’s performance or even its usability—so putting on some protective measures is a given to extend the life of your phone.

Other than protecting your phone, such cases come with a lot of design and style. This allows you to make your phone unique, offering you the perfect balance between protecting your phone and enhancing its aesthetics!

2. Apply a screen protector

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A phone case may protect the back and sides of your phone, but it will not be effective in protecting your phone’s screen. Any impacts here can shatter the glass that covers the surface and damage its LCD, thus leaving the phone useless! 

To reduce the risk of this issue from occurring, apply a screen protector. It will stop objects from scratching the actual surface, and the protector will generally take any impacts sustained by the phone. If the protector does break, you can easily remove it and replace it with a new set, leaving your phone looking as good as new!

3. Act quickly if it gets wet

Another tip in prolonging your phone service life is to act quickly if your phone gets damaged. Accidents happen, and sometimes, some of these accidents may end up with you getting your phone wet. Whether you have dropped it into a puddle, sprayed some water on it, or tossed it into the pool, you must act quickly to ensure the phone survives the ordeal. 

Some phones are rated to resist water up until a certain depth—but you should not rely on the numbers. Water and phones never go together, and if your phone gets wet, take it out immediately and switch if off. Dry it as thoroughly as you can with a towel and leave it in a bag of uncooked rice for at least two days. The rice will absorb the moisture from the phone, allowing you to use it once it’s completely dry! 

Do not use a hairdryer nor leave it under direct sunlight, as the heat can damage the components, leaving you with more problems than you originally had. 

Prolonging Your Phone Service Life: Conclusion

There are many other ways you can extend your phone’s life, such as only downloading apps from reliable sources and never over-charging your phone. Regardless, the above three tips are essential ones that you always need to remember as soon as you buy a new phone. Doing so will ensure your phone will last for many years to come! 

However, if you do run into issues, do not be afraid to send it to a repair shop. They will quickly identify the cause of whatever issue you may be facing, fixing it back up like new, allowing you to once more enjoy using your phone without a problem.

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