Our Guide to Removing Bubbles from a Screen Protector

With how frequently we use our phones, they can be prone to abuse. And while phone manufacturers do their best to create sturdy and durable phones, there is often one notable weak spot: the screen.

Phone screens can often get cracked when they slip out of our hands and fall. While many phones still function with a slightly broken screen, nobody likes to have a cracked screen. That’s why it’s essential to get a screen protector for your phone.

phone screen with screen protector

However, screen protectors can be tricky to install because air bubbles can appear if you do it wrong. While air bubbles are completely harmless, they can be pretty annoying and even obscure your phone display. In some cases, air bubbles can make it difficult to perform touch gestures.

Here’s what you need to do to prevent air bubbles from forming under your screen protector.

Choose Tempered Glass Over Plastic Screen Protectors

Uneven application of a plastic screen protector can lead to air bubbles appearing. This is why plastic screen protectors are more prone to getting air bubbles compared to tempered glass.

If the choice is between tempered glass and plastic screen protectors, we suggest the former. Tempered glass is easier to install and is less likely to result in air bubbles.

When air bubbles do appear underneath the tempered glass, the solution is actually quite easy. You just need to pull it up and clean the part of the screen that didn’t attach well. And voila! The tempered glass is installed perfectly.

Apply It Correctly

Whether you have a plastic screen protector or tempered glass, proper installation is essential in preventing the formation of air bubbles. It’s best to follow the instructions that come with the screen protector to ensure correct installation.

Before pressing the screen protector’s adhesive side onto the screen, you must first prep it using an alcohol cleaning wipe. This will remove dust and debris that could get in the way of the installation. To ensure no dust particles remain, use sticky tape to get rid of the remaining debris. 

Align the protector with the phone screen and use your fingers to press it down firmly. Starting from the centre of the screen, massage the air out to the edges. This will release the air trapped in the bubbles.

screen protector
The man replacing the broken tempered glass screen protector for smartphone.

Push the Air Bubbles Out

Despite your efforts, air bubbles might still appear. In some cases, you must only wait as the bubbles may work themselves out. This might take a day or two.

If the bubbles persist, do not lose hope. You can still remove them by pushing the air out. Take out your credit card, driver’s license, or any plastic card you may have with you. Using the card’s edge, push the air bubbles toward the screen’s edge. You may also use your blow dryer on low heat to help speed up the process, as it might take a few strokes to do it. 


Although harmless, air bubbles underneath your screen protector can be pretty annoying and even affect display visibility and touch gestures. If you don’t want to experience the inconvenience of air bubbles, it’s best to choose tempered glass over plastic screen protectors, as the latter is more prone to air bubbles. When installing your screen protector, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent air bubbles from forming. If air bubbles do form, you may either wait for them to work themselves out or use a plastic card’s edge to push the air bubbles out. 

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