3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Glass Screen Protector

Phones are essentials these days. Besides serving as your primary communication device, it also gives access to the things you need – schedules, wallets, work, and more. Many people with phones bring this little gadget wherever they go. As a phone owner, the last thing you want is for your new and expensive phone to fall and break.

The Use of Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

screen protector
Man replacing the broken tempered glass screen protector for smartphone. Close up.

If you are a careful type of phone owner, your mobile phone probably has a screen protector. Tempered glass protectors are the most common ones. These toughened glass shields are four to five times stronger than regular glass. They are a costlier alternative to plastic screen protectors, but they safeguard phones a lot better. 

Since they have a glass finish, these protectors do not compromise the look, clarity, and sensitivity. Moreover, they are easy to clean, with the capacity to reduce excessive oil smudges or fingerprints on your screen.

However, despite being sturdier and robust, tempered glass protectors are also prone to cracking because they are still made from glass. Should your phone’s screen protector experience this, it is not advisable to keep on using your cracked tempered glass as you could cut yourself on it. You must know when to replace your glass screen protector.

It Is Time to Replace Your Screen Protector If

It Has a Severe Crack

A broken screen protector is a good indicator that it absorbed the shock that your phone would have otherwise observed. Nevertheless, consider replacing your phone’s tempered glass if you are already looking at web-like cracks. 

Besides the apparent inconvenience as a reason, the sharp edges on this crack could hurt your fingers. Do not wait until you experience this. Make sure to replace the glass as soon as you can. 

It Has Intense Scratches

Even if your screen protector only has scratches, we still recommend you replace it soon. Imagine your phone sitting right next to the house keys in your bag or falling on the sand while at the beach. These scratches may look ordinary, but they can bring harm to your phone’s screen. 

The scratches only show how well the protector absorbs the possible damage your phone screen could have been subjected to, but these tiny marks could also cause you inconveniences later. 

Your phone’s surface was smooth before these scratches came about. These scars could contain dents that your eyes cannot see. As a result, you end up with a refracted light, both coming from the phone and your environment. You might not notice it immediately, but these scratches could make your viewing experience less comfortable. These scratches could also hamper the protector’s structural integrity, reducing its capacity to absorb forces and damage. 

phone crack

The Adhesive Is Falling 

Another obvious reason for you to replace your screen protector is when the adhesive is already falling apart, or the corners are showing signs that it is about to peel off. 

This incident happens because of the following reasons:

  • You did not install your tempered glass correctly.
  • Your glass protector was dropped in the water, causing its adhesive to loosen.
  • Tiny particles of dust were trapped inside, interfering with its adhesion. 

Any of these could mean that your protector is no longer intact, which could result in trouble later. So, you might as well replace your screen protector promptly.


Tempered glass protects your phone in unnoticeable ways. These shields do not break easily, but when they do, it is due to greater impact. Should your tempered glass bear the signs mentioned above, consider replacing it immediately to avoid any injury or nuisance. 

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