The Samsung Galaxy S21 Screen Protector: A Quick Guide

Why is no Samsung Galaxy S21 Screen Protector included? Much like its predecessors, the new Samsung Galaxy S21 comes with high-quality features. Most notably, its state-of-the-art camera system. The most recent in the Galaxy S21 line, which comprises the S21+ and the S21 Ultra, these new models prove to have significant improvement over features of their predecessors.

That is, except for a tiny yet crucial detail. Among the peripherals and accessories found within this new phone’s packaging, there doesn’t seem to be a Samsung Galaxy S21 screen protector insight. This has been a recurring theme in Samsung’s latest phone models.

To help you learn more, here’s a quick and easy guide for you:

New, Notable Features

Samsung Galaxy S21 Screen Protector

Like previous models, the S21 series comes in three versions: the standard version, the Plus version, and the Ultra version. With every new line rolled out, there are more and more features optimised for today’s audiences.

One major improvement in the new Samsung S21 is its display. For the Galaxy S21 Ultra, there is a curved screen and a QHD display. Both the standard and Plus models, on the other hand, both have a flat glass panel on the screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Screen Protector

It is not clear why Samsung hasn’t been including screen protectors in its most recent launches. In Samsung’s official forums, the company itself doesn’t seem to have included the screen protector on their listings.

Compared to the Galaxy S20, which listed a “protective film” on its product page, the Galaxy S21 lists all of this marvellous new tech’s great new features, but unfortunately not a screen protector.

This assumption has led many Samsung fans to believe that screen protectors must be acquired separately. Popular tech reviewers who received their copy of the device earlier note that there was no screen protector in the packaging or the model itself. 

That said, the Samsung Galaxy S21 screen protector is one of the most essential buffers for your phone’s safety. Having an expensive phone with no padding can be dangerous. Imagine that you have this new model and accidentally drop it on the concrete flooring of your home. While it may survive its initial impact, there’s no telling how much damage the screen itself will accrue.

Other Missing Peripherals

S21 1

Aside from the missing screen protector, many fans have noted that the new Samsung model doesn’t come with the Samsung power adapter. Plus, it doesn’t support microSD cards, headphones, nor charger jacks.

There is an available charger cable but without any sockets. Much like its iOS competitors, it looks like Samsung is choosing to get the audience to buy the new peripherals as separate purchases from the model itself.

Although, it is notable that Samsung mobile phones are now much cheaper than they were during the Samsung S21. This could mean that a lack of peripherals in the package freed up some of its budgets to allow for better, more optimised features.


Although the Samsung Galaxy S21 standard, Ultra and Plus all have unique features that tech-lovers would die for, it is worth noting that they do not have screen protectors in them. To ensure your phone’s complete and total protection, it is still best to have one installed.

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