Smartphone Care: Cleaning Your Phone Cases – Methods for Each Material

Cleaning Your Phone Cases: People tend to hold their phones in their hands multiple times every day. This can result in your new mobile phone cases looking filthy after just a few weeks of use. Phone cases not only take the brunt of damage after a fall or impact. They are also the repository for all the dirt and bacteria coming from your hands and mouth.

Everyone handles their phones frequently, hence cleaning the phone should be done regularly as well. Think of the number of times that you touch your face with your phone to take a call. Consider also just how much bacteria your phone gathers from your hands and all of it moving towards your face upon contact.

If there are no visible stains on your dark-coloured, scratch-resistant phone case. You can rest assured that it is still one of the dirtiest things you can touch, therefore it’s safe to assume that any object your hand touches has accumulated a healthy layer of grime and so it’s best to clean them regularly.

Smartphone cases are made using very different materials and therefore there is no one cleaning technique or cleaning solution that will be effective for all of them. It’s best to be as careful as possible as you don’t want to damage your phone case in the middle of an attempt to clean it.

Read on for step-by-step instructions on the cleaning your phone cases for each material type.

Cleaning Your Phone Cases

How To Clean Your Silicone Phone Case

How To Clean Your Silicone Phone Case

If you have a clear silicone phone case, it has likely turned yellow after so much handling. Fortunately, there is still hope for even the dirtiest phone case!

What you need:

·      Dish soap

·      Water

·      Toothbrush

·      Baking soda (optional)

Use a bowl wide enough to fit your phone case. Combine the dish soap and water, and then place your case into the bowl. Let it soak for 5-10 minutes to loosen the embedded dirt. If there are stubborn stains around the edges, you can gently scrub those off with a toothbrush. If a toothbrush still isn’t enough, sprinkle some baking soda on top of the stain and continue scrubbing.

Should your white or transparent silicone phone case remain yellow even after scrubbing it with baking soda, then mix one teaspoon of bleach in a basin filled with water. Be careful with the amount of bleach that you use because too much can damage the silicone, thus rendering it useless. Keep your hands away from the bleach solution as much as possible to avoid allergic reactions.

When you’re confident that your case is clean, you can rinse it off in cold water. Dry the case with a paper towel and be careful not to leave any scratches. Let your case air dry for at least 30 minutes to ensure no moisture is left, and then put it back on your phone.

How To Clean Your Rubber Phone Case

What you need:

·      Dish soap

·      Water

·      Toothbrush

·      Baking soda (optional)

·      Isopropyl alcohol (optional)

·      Eraser (optional)

The process is similar to cleaning a silicone case. Let the rubber case soak in a mixture of dish soap and water. For stubborn stains, you can mix some baking soda with water to create a paste. Spread the paste on the stain and leave it to dry overnight. Once the paste has dried, brush it off and rinse the case in cold water.

Some stains on rubber cases may be rubbed away with an eraser or isopropyl alcohol. Don’t be too forceful when scrubbing, or else you may damage the case.

How To Clean Your Leather Phone Case

Genuine leather is much more challenging to clean because it’s sensitive to almost all conventional cleaning materials! As such, you will need to be very careful if you have a leather phone case.

What you need:

·      Spray bottle

·      Mild dish soap

·      Water

·      Microfiber cloth

Regularly wipe your leather phone case with a slightly damp cloth. If you need a stronger cleaning solution, you can use soap but you need to thoroughly dilute it first. Soap may cause irreparable damage or discolouration to some types of leather, so be careful. 

Mix one part soap with eight parts of water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray a small amount of the solution on a soft piece of cloth until it is slightly damp, and then gently wipe down your case. Don’t spray the soap solution directly on leather. 

Remember to wipe along the leather grain to prevent damage. Let your case air-dry naturally before putting it back on your phone.

How To Clean Your Wood Phone Case

How To Clean Your Wood Phone

Wood is a very delicate surface, therefore it’s not advisable to use water when cleaning it. Use a dirt cloth to wipe down your phone case several times a week to keep oil and dirt from sinking into it. If there are stubborn dirt spots, lightly dampen a soft piece of cloth with water and rub gently on the stain. 

Never put liquid directly on your wood case. As with a leather case, you should wipe along the wood grain.

How Often Should I Clean My Phone Case?

Your phone case is by far the dirtiest surface you are putting your hands on every single day. As such, it’s best to clean your phone case inside and out at least once a month. It’s essential for hygiene, therefore it is advisable to set a reminder on your phone or write it down on your calendar so you can develop the habit of doing it regularly!

In between monthly cleanups, it’s best to disinfect your phone case using alcohol at least once a week. Lightly soak a cotton ball or soft cloth with some alcohol and then wipe it all across the inner and outer parts of your phone case. Thoroughly target all the bits of dirt hidden in the corners of the phone case. Remember to let it air-dry before putting it back on your phone.

Cleaning Your Phone Cases: Conclusion

Every time you touch your phone, you are transferring potentially deadly bacteria, microbes, dirt, and grime to and from your hands and face. Bacteria is also transferred to your pillows and blankets if you keep your phone on the bed. As such, it’s crucial to make it a habit to regularly clean your phone case inside and out to be as hygienic as possible. Cleaning methods and materials are mainly dependent on your phone case’s material, so make sure to read through all safety tips before dunking your phone case in a soap solution.

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