How Smartphones have Improved the Quality of Life

How smartphones have improved on the quality of life? Smartphones have significantly improved the quality of life today. You now have them as an alternative for when you’re feeling tired of being around friends’ family, neighbours, and loved ones. Smartphones give a relaxing effect when you’re just tired of your surroundings or when the workload is just too much. Try asking someone old enough to remember what life was like before the introduction of smartphones-you could also just Google it instead. It’s that easy, all you need is a smartphone, internet, and your fingertips.

It’s very deserving to say that the world is a much better place than it was before the first Apple iPhone made an entrance in 2007 and other popular touch screen devices.

With these opening snippets, below are detailed ways on how smartphones have improved on the quality of life, including the different drawbacks that come with them.

Smartphone Improvements


Better cameras

We live in a world where cameras are essential. Not having one cuts you off from so much. Today’s smartphones are adorned with cameras able to capture all your memories with just one tap of a button. They allow you to capture almost everything like food, nature, and people, unlike the way it was in the past. Decades ago you had to prioritize the images you wanted to capture. You would not just take any random photos. It even cost a lot more money just to purchase a camera, yet the quality of the images wasn’t as good.

Smartphone cameras

Today, however, a smartphone comes well equipped with a camera that amounts and functions similarly to a single camera on its own. Being able to capture beautiful moments effortlessly has improved the quality of life.

They keep you Safe

In this era, you can almost assuredly walk back home along with less fear of getting lost, just as long as you carry your smartphone with you. Take an example of the tracking feature inbuilt in recent phones, they can record, track, and show you where you are.

Keep you safe Limit tracking

A record of the recent places you’ve visited is also saved. With such advancement, your loved ones don’t have to worry so much when you’re away. In cases where you can’t find a place, you simply type it in and directions are made available for you. For added protection, apps like bSafe, FollowMe, and others can help track you as you move.

However, it’s still not safe to assume that you’re 100% safe as long as you have your smartphone. It’s a better idea to prevent and reduce the chances of you getting lost. For instance, if it’s late at night take a taxi back home instead of walking.

Saves time

Smartphones have made it possible to do multiple things all in one place. You can easily access your emails, make appointments, text people, attend meetings, organize events, and shop online without having to step outside. It not only saves you a lot of time but is also so convenient. Such an ability isn’t one to be underestimated.

According to Harris Interactive, a market research firm, smartphone convenience can save people up to 88 minutes a day to build up to a total of 22days per year.  This doesn’t mean you’re an efficient worker because most of the time you’re either playing video games or watching YouTube videos.

Source of information

The introduction of smartphones has made it much easier to access information on the world’s largest online library-the internet. Every answer is at your fingertips. You can search from anything starting from what you should eat, what’s trending, and even carry out in-depth research on any topic without having to move out.

It’s hard to find information that’s existent on the face on the earth missing on the internet. You just need an internet connection and a smartphone.

They enrich our brains

Having a smartphone and the convenience attached to it changes the way we think. Being able to access the internet effortlessly means you’re more likely to remember and know what to do rather than relying on guesswork, this according to a study published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science journal.

Given multitasking a new meaning

Smartphones have improved the quality of life by making it possible to do many things at the same time. Many years ago it was impossible to talk to the office while you were home taking breakfast or shopping somewhere at a grocery store. You couldn’t have a three-way business conference while fixing your hair at the saloon all at the same time.

Today’s devices have taken convenience to a whole new level. Things that seemed impossible are now made possible with a mere touch of a button, however, some improvement has several drawbacks associated with it as seen below.

Smartphone Drawbacks

Changes in social interactions

In the past, you’d converse with the person seated right beside you on the bus as you travelled. If it were a longer journey, you’d even make new friends along the way. However, today it’s something rarely heard of. People no longer interact with strangers, they prefer tapping away on their phones or making a phone call to their old friends to pass time.

Can lead to phone addiction

Too much of anything sometimes isn’t good and overuse of phones can turn out to be addictive. There are many negative impacts associated with phone addiction. When you’re addicted to your phone, you focus on it and abandon real-life happenings or the activities that you used to do.

phone addiction

Some users reach a point where they watch videos as they move and reply to text messages without focusing on where they’re going to. In the long run, they get stressed, depressed, and lose important relationships.

Reduced privacy

Getting a hold of personal information has been made easier. Applications downloaded on smartphones sometimes are granted access to people’s data which is sold off to advertising companies. Suspicious partners can also install spying apps on their partner’s phones just to find out on the status of their relationship. Smartphones can now sell you out cheaply rather than protect you.


There are always two sides to every coin. That’s why it’s always a good idea to know the good and bad side. With the right information at hand, it can help you prevent yourself from being harmed by today’s smartphones. If used correctly they can be so beneficial to your life but if used without caution, they leave negative impacts.

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