Tempered Glass vs. Plastic Screen Protectors: Pros & Cons

Tempered Glass vs. Plastic Screen Protectors: When buying a new smartphone, accessories for it should not be disregarded. Accessories will not only make it fashionable but also increase its functionality. Indeed, you want to protect your smartphone from damage and keep it looking great always. When looking for protective gear for your phone, you might be torn between plastic screen protectors and tempered glass.

Tempered Glass vs. Plastic Screen Protectors

To help you choose the best one for your phone, we listed their pros and cons below.

Tempered Glass vs. Plastic Screen Protectors

Plastic Screen Protectors

Indeed, nobody wants to see his/her phone with a broken or cracked touchscreen. It’s heartbreaking, especially when the phone is recently purchased. Plastic screen protectors are very much available in the market nowadays, and they are commonly used to protect the phone.


  • Durable and resilient. According to some tests, even dropping or hammering the phone will not cause damage, as long as it has a plastic screen guard.
  • Reusable. Plastic screen protectors can be changed anytime; You can keep them, and then use them again if you want. Therefore, you can make the most of your purchase for its long-term usage. If you need to use a waterproof case, a plastic screen protector is ideal for your phone.


There are also some disadvantages associated with plastic screen protectors.

  • Scratches and dirt marks are evident. They are much thinner compared to a tempered glass protector.
  • More prone to damage. They can be more susceptible to damage because they don’t cover the phone’s curved edges.
  • Visible fingerprint marks. Fingerprints can be left on the screen after using the phone, so you may need to wipe your phone too often.
  • Cracks and scratches will be magnified. Minor cracks and scratches that may have been on the screen protector may become bigger with a plastic screen protector.
  • Not that smooth. A plastic screen protector may not feel as smooth as a glass tempered protector.
  • Less scratch-resistant. They may be less scratch-resistant because they do not provide full coverage to the phone.
tempered glass

Tempered Screen Protectors

Tempered screen protectors are a common choice of phone owners who want to cover the entire screen without damaging the edges. Made through an extensive heating and cooling process, tempered glass protectors are stronger and can endure extreme conditions. They are also infused with multiple layers containing anti-shatter film, oleophobic nano-coating and of course, a penetrable silicone coating. All these elements make tempered glass more durable than normal glass.


  • They can help get rid of oil smudges and fingerprint marks.
  • They are made of materials that are resistant to both scratch and oil.
  • They provide an enhanced experience and touchscreen sensitivity to the users.
  • They give a better look to the smartphone; the protectors are much clearer compared to plastic ones.
  • They are easier to clean.


  • A tempered glass protector requires more caution to avoid cracks.
  • There is a possibility that you’ll cut yourself in case a bad chip happens. 

Conclusion to Tempered Glass vs. Plastic Screen Protectors

When choosing between tempered glass and plastic screen protectors, you need to consider durability, price, as well as their pros and cons. While screen protectors are made to protect your smartphones, tempered glass protectors are observed to be more durable and robust. In the end, the decision will still be up to your preference. However, it will also be helpful if you’ll seek advice from professionals.

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