Top 9 Reasons To Get The iPhone 12

Top 9 Reasons To Get The iPhone 12: Apple is arguably one of the premium smartphone brand, that churns out sleek and high-end devices. The company has been consistent in releasing limited and top-notch devices annually. These devices come with upgraded software and security.  Apple can be considered a brand with good innovative when it comes to smartphones, hence the massive global reception of iPhones and iPads.  Apple has been able to sustain its yearly new features for iPhones and iPads. Since the inception of iPhone series, Apple has been consistent with upgraded designs and features for each device.  With Apple, each year comes with new iPhone line-ups.

Every year ,Apple’s prospective buyers look forward to its new releases.  The recent release iPhone 11 enjoyed massive reception and patronage globally, though it is gradually approaching the end of its reign due to the anticipation of iPhone 12. iPhone 12 is rumoured to be likely released by October 2020.

Top 9 reasons to get the iPhone 12.

Top 9 Reasons To Get The iPhone 12

5G Network Support

There are has been claims that iPhone 12 will support the 5G network. 5G network is the newest global wireless standard, it is designed to deliver higher performance and improved capacity. Super reliability, high speed connection and enhanced mobile broadband are some of the expectations of 5G network by intending iPhone 12 buyers. iPhone 12 will automatically make the list of smartphone debuting the 5G network, if the claim is anything to go by.

A14 Chips

The prospective iPhone 12 series will come with the company’s A14 chips ,making it the company’s newest phone processor with the expectancy of improved performance as against the recent A13 chip. The A14 chips is expected to perform more by 40 % CPU than the A 13 chip. Apple has been in the forefront  when it comes to mobile CPUs ,with A14 processors for iPhone 12,it will help retain it’s leading role ,also make it difficult for other brands to topple the position.

120Hz Refresh Rate

One of the significant feature that is been anticipated by prospective iPhone 12 buyers is the high refresh rate ,which is reportedly going to be at 120Hz .The highest refresh rate for the recent iPhone 11 is 60Hz . If the claim is anything to go by ,this will be a good development for iPhone users . Though ,other brands like Samsung, Google Pixel 4XL and some other smartphones already has the feature. High refresh rate helps in measuring how quick phone displays updates. It also aids sharp and clear pictures.  Smartphones with high refresh rates avail users a smooth interface experience.

Oled Screen

One of the features from iPhone 12’s leaks is the OLED screen. For prospective buyers wondering what OLED stands for, OLED is an acronym coined from the word ;Organic Light-Emitting Diode. It is a light source widely used in electronics . Though OLED is relatively different due to its organic nature. OLED emits their own light and serve as backlight. Organic Diode posses a thin film of organic compound that can emit light when electric current passes through it. Manufacturer adopt the use of organic semi conducting materials by placing it between two electrodes, which provides the current.  Electrodes is normally transparent, hence making light generated seen . OLED are used to create digital displays in electronic gadgets, examples are smartphones ,T.V sets. OLED is a good feature in smartphones especially for a phone like iPhone 12.Upgraded Camera

Upgraded Camera

iPhone 12

Another good feature of Apple’s iPhone is the camera quality, and hopefully, iPhone 12 won’t be an exemption.  Going by reports from Ming Chi Kuo, who claimed the smartphone will likely incorporate high-end lens arrays with rear-facing camera. The analyst also talked about his expectations of 7 element lens for the smartphone’s main camera, which will likely improve the image quality better than the 6P lens in iPhone 11. Rumours have it that the camera improvement for iPhone 12 will be the addition of a LIDAR depth sensor.

Better Battery Life

Apple improved on iPhone 11 series battery life . As previously seen in iPhone 11 series, there is every likelihood iPhone 12 will experience same or more value.

New Design

Apple’s high-end iPhone 12 smartphone is speculated to be nicely enhanced with a nice design though the phone might retain the same cut out as that of iPhone 11 ,but with the three cameras differently arranged, with a fourth space for the LIDAR sensor. The phone is rumoured to likely have a 6.7 inch display, front and rear 212.5 D glass used . Predictably iPhone 12 will share semblance with tiny iPad pro.


There is a controversy attach to iPhone 12’s price. However, the latest report opines that the smartphone will likely be sold at a cheaper rate as against it’s predecessor iPhone 11, this will make it one of the cheapest Apple’s phone.

iOS 14 Software

According to recent reports making rounds, Apple’s iPhone 12 will support iOS 14 software.

Top 9 Reasons To Get The iPhone 12: Conclusion

Though most of iPhone 12’s features are based on leaks and rumours, yet the phone seems promising and hopefully worth the wait, especially for potential buyers. The outlined features are considered a good reason to buy the smartphone.

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