5 Types of Phone Cases and the Easiest Ways to Remove Them

Although smartphones have become helpful over the years, they have also become more fragile. For example, there are models where the front and back panels come in glass materials that become prone to cracks due to accidental falls.

Therefore, the problem opened an industry of solutions—phone cases. Nowadays, people also protect their phones to maintain their shiny appearance. But what phone cases are available in the market, and how do people wear and remove them from the phones?

1. Wallet Phone Case

The wallet phone case is a wallet you can attach to your phone. It is an excellent way for you to carry your cash and cards without carrying a bag. The wallet phone case has a flip cover that usually opens and closes parallel to the screen.

Inside the flip cover, some wallets have card slots where you can place your debit or credit cards. The best way to remove the phone from a wallet phone case is to pop off the sides before the edges.

2. Bumper Phone Case

phone case

Bumper phone cases are a form of the wallet phone case. However, there is a slight difference that makes the bumper phone cases a little more inconvenient to take off. They are usually a lot more plasticky when compared to wallet phone cases.

Bumper cases usually come in more rigid materials. They are also like ‘clam shell’ covers. The best way to remove the phone from a bumper phone case is by pushing the phone down and then pulling it forward.

3. Silicone Case

phone cases

Silicone cases are a little more special than the other phone cases. Phone cases come with a silicone case and another separate silicone case. The silicone case is attached to the sides of the phone case, unlike the bumper phone cases that have the sides of the phone case as its cover.

Silicone phone cases are easy to take off as long as their covers can come off. One of the best ways to remove the silicone case from your phone case is to pinch the sides and slowly pull it from the phone case.

4. Skins/Adhesive Cover

Skins and adhesive covers are unique because they cover the whole phone without cases. Skins are usually flexible and easily come off like stickers. They are generally stuck on the back panels of the phone.

They come in different colours and textures. The best way to remove the skin from the phone is to soften the skin by rubbing it with a damp cloth. The skin will start to loosen up, and it will peel off easily. Adhesive covers are similar to skins. They also come in different colours and textures. The best way to remove them is the same way you remove skins.

5. Waterproof Case

Waterproof phone cases are complex cases that usually look like a hard shell. They typically come in various sizes depending on the phone. The waterproof phone case is usually the best way to keep your phone safe when exposed to water.

The best way to remove the waterproof case from the phone is to apply some force while prying the edges of the phone case. Make sure that you know the location of the buttons, holes and ports, as you will most likely need to pull the waterproof casing off while the phone is still inside.


Phone cases nowadays range from the most straightforward bumper phone cases to the most challenging and heavy waterproof cases. These phone cases usually keep phones in good condition, and their most fantastic trait is easy removal.

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