An Innovation in Shambles: Updates on the Google Pixel Fold

google pixel fold

Google Pixel Fold latest Reports

According to recent reports, Google’s rumoured first foldable smartphone will not be hitting store shelves. Google Pixel Fold is supposed to be the first of its kind, manufactured by a tech giant that isn’t new to modern solutions. Despite the early hype, however, they allegedly have no intention of bringing their foldable device to consumers this year, and that is all for a very good reason.

Supply chain rumours hint that the reason given is that Google does not think the product will be able to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 or the Galaxy Z Flip 3, a wise solution, given that their market is slowly getting saturated as of late. More options mean fewer profits, and it looks like Google wants to avoid that. But that is not all; there is more bad news on the horizon.

Google will be losing $1.9 billion in revenue, which is the amount of money they were hoping to recuperate by selling the Pixel Fold. Given that billions in losses is not a small amount at all,  it is no wonder why they are being cautious with their decisions as of late. And although Google may have considered shutting down the project, in the end, they did not. 

The tech giant has kept the Pixel Folds in its labs, despite the high costs of nonproduction, which are expected to go higher. With that, they have a lot of work to do, and the only way to get out of this situation is to produce a better and more competitive product within the next few months, to get back some of the money they may have lost but that is not all.

They are also fighting a lawsuit that came out of nowhere, making the whole situation worse. According to reports, Google was sued by Redux, a startup that claims that the manufacturer stole its technology, patents, and expertise regarding the flexible display. Of course, the Silicon Valley giant has denied all the claims brought against them, but along with that, they were told that they could not use the patents they bought from the startup.

The thing is, Google has put all their money, time and effort into developing the product, and this is probably preventing them from acknowledging any of their mistakes and seeing the bigger picture. Everyone in the industry knows that the first model will always fail to live up to user expectations, and for that reason, the tech giant may have expected too much of their first foldable smartphone.

Many technological experts are now saying that they should have taken their time and worked on it further to fix the issue with the screen rolling up and down rapidly and that they should have also looked for a new material to use for the display. It is possible that Google is still working on finding a new way to fix the problem or even a different material to manufacture the screen with.


Whatever the current situation with the Google Pixel Fold may be, they might have already found the solution, hence why they do not intend to release it until next year. Still, they are far from the finish line, and that means there is still hope for Google’s first foldable to be as successful as the giant tech company wants it to be.

In such a case, the world will be watching and waiting with great anticipation for their newest innovation to reach mainstream stores.

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