Why Leather Phone Cases May Be the Better Option for You

Leather Phone Cases: With the cost of smartphones getting higher every year, it isn’t surprising that people want to get the best protection they can for their devices. After all, you don’t spend your hard-earned money on the latest smartphones just to get them bumped and scratched. As much as possible, you will want to keep your phone in pristine condition, so you put on a case from the time you take out the phone from its box!

When it comes to phone cases, leather is among the favourite materials of many smartphone owners. Most people prefer it to plastic, which is another commonly used material for cases. Here are some reasons leather is considered superior to plastic as a mobile case:

It’s Much Stronger

Leather cases are considerably stronger than their hard plastic counterparts. The latter can be easily scratched and may even break after a hard fall. On the other hand, leather can withstand such falls and is not as prone to scratches, dings, and cracks. 

It’s a Better Shock-Absorber

When you accidentally drop your phone, the impact can and will easily affect the way your phone works. The screen can also shatter unless your phone is protected by a case that’s thick enough to absorb the impact. Another advantage of choosing leather phone cases is that it absorbs shock better than thin plastic cases when you drop the phone. Because leather cases have two or more protective layers, they work better than single-layered plastic cases.

It Offers Better Protection 

Due to the characteristics of leather, as well as the right amount of thickness these cases come in, they are able to provide better protection than most thinner cases. Also, because most leather phone cases come in a wallet-type form, they offer protection for both the back and the front of the phone!

leather phone cases

It Has a More Professional or Classic Look

Plastic and silicone phone cases like the ones you’ll find on MobileShark will look sporty or rugged. But if what you are looking for is a case with a more professional look or a timeless appeal, you can’t go wrong with a leather case. Leather cases don’t only come in black or brown but also in many other colours, so you can definitely find one that will suit your style. On top of that, leather never goes out of style, meaning that you can use them for a long time and know that you are still on-trend!

brown clean iphone case

It’s Cost-Effective

There are genuine leather cases from well-known brands that are quite pricey, and they do look amazing. Yet, there are also other cheaper options for leather phone cases that you can find on online stores like MobileShark, and it will still give you the same elegant look at more affordable prices.

It’s Available for Most Phone Models

Unlike years ago, when you can only find excellent cases for the most premium or popular units, you can find leather phone cases for almost every smartphone model today. Whether you are an iPhone user or an Android fan, there’s surely a leather case that will fit your phone perfectly!


At this point, you know that leather cases indeed offer many benefits, and they’re ones that you should definitely consider when choosing the right case for your device. Its durability, timeless look, reasonable price, and availability for most models are enough reasons to at least try one for your phone!

MobileShark is your best source for high-quality leather smartphone cases and phone cases of other materials. Check out our collection today and find one that fits your phone and suits your style!

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