12 Reasons To Invest in Wireless Chargers

Wireless charging was first announced by Apple way back in 2017. The Apple Company wasn’t even the first to design Qi-wireless charging but because Apple was a more popular smartphone manufacturer around the world, they got recognized faster. Today wireless chargers haven’t picked up just as yet but they are becoming more and more popular by the day. A few of the issues that made people dread wireless chargers some years back have been worked on as we shall be seeing.

So why choose to invest in wireless chargers? Are they better than wired chargers? All these questions and more will be answered as we look at the 12 reasons to invest in wireless chargers to help you make an informed decision.

Reasons to invest in wireless chargers

wireless chargers
Smartphone in mint silicone case is charged from a wireless charger. The mobile phone is charged on a wooden nightstand or shelf.

1) Fewer cords

This is kind of self-explanatory from the word “wireless chargers”. With wireless chargers, you don’t have to use a USB-c charger all the time. All you need is one cable that you can connect to the charging mat. Invest in wireless chargers if you dread having cords, that are sometimes a bit of a bother because they even get misplaced not to mention that they can malfunction easily and some even get entangled up. Wireless chargers don’t do this.

Fewer cords
Lots of electrical outlets-enabled devices. Power saving.

2) Supports multiple devices

The beauty of wireless chargers is because of their universal component. With the latest technology, wireless charger manufacturers have made universal chargers that can charge more than one phone/device at ago. If you have two phones you don’t have to wait for the other to charge so you can connect the other. Both of them can be charged at ago. You can have as many devices as you wish and still use the same charging pad and it won’t have any issues.

Supports multiple devices
Woman putting mobile phone onto wireless charger at wooden table, closeup. Modern workplace accessory

3) Safer connections

Wireless chargers aid safer connections. This is because wireless charging happens inside an enclosed environment and without cords, there isn’t corrosion since there is no exposure to water and oxygen. With such a connection safety is guaranteed and there are lesser chances of electrical faults.

Safer connections

4) Highly durable

You may be wondering how in the world are wireless chargers durable? Well, this is how it works. Wireless chargers work in a way that you don’t have to regularly plug or unplug the charger into some kind of socket. In situations like these, there is no wear and tear on the smartphone sockets. Also, if you alternate between using wireless chargers and using cables, it means less wear and tears on your cables. Also, your wrists or hands won’t hurt from all the constant plugging and unplugging.

5) No overheating

Unlike cable or coded chargers, when the smartphone is fully charged, the wireless charger automatically shuts off. This makes it a safer charging method, also less energy is used and your battery doesn’t overheat. Overheated batteries can one of the main phone killers today. Invest in wireless chargers so this doesn’t have to happen to your phone.

6) Cleaner surfaces

Wireless chargers give off a clutter-free environment because no cables are required on the table to charge. Research has even shown that a messy desk especially in an office environment creates a stressful environment. Once you switch and use wireless chargers, you’ll be creating a healthier and more efficient space to get your work done as you relax with your morning coffee.

7) Convenient

You can carry your wireless charger anywhere you feel like, to town, school, the restaurant, office, anywhere. Wireless chargers are light and don’t even take up so much space on your desk or inside your bag, unlike cables and cords. They have wires and to use them they have to constantly be plugged into a power source. For wireless chargers, not so many cords are involved. You just place your phone on top and the charging begins.

8) It’s possible to charge fast

A few years back wireless chargers had a shortcoming of not being able to charge as fast as wired chargers. Things have changed since then though because today there are wireless chargers that can be sized to deliver 5W or 10W of energy to the battery. This is a good solution to charge your battery. It can even charge quicker depending on the size of the battery pack.

Fast Charger

9) Safer for families

Wireless chargers are a safer option for kids and families that have small children. Often young ones crawl, bite, and put anything they come across into their mouths. Some kids at a certain age start drawing and cutting things including wires. The chances of hazards like this happening have been reduced in households and classrooms by using wireless chargers that don’t have cords lying around.

10) Saves money

Believe it or not, investing in wireless chargers will save you money in the long run. You save money because you don’t have to purchase extra cords every time you break or misplace cables.

11) Eliminate battery anxiety

With wireless chargers, you can say goodbye to battery anxiety and prolong your phone’s battery life with faster power snacks as you go about your day. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a rush, just place your phone on a wireless charger to keep your battery in that optimal 50-80% power zone.

12) Modern decor

Wireless chargers are just so pleasant to look at. They even look better when placed over your desk at the office, on top of your bedside table. These devices have eliminated the unsightly and unseemly cords. Wireless chargers add a modern touch to your home or office.


Some phone users claim that the real wireless chargers are still under development. It’s safe to agree with this statement because as much as wireless chargers can do all the things mentioned above, there is still room for even better advancements. Wireless chargers have a few limitations but there isn’t a thing that doesn’t have a solution. Wireless chargers are the future and cords will be eliminated in some years to come. Invest in wireless chargers to start benefiting from the perks that come with having and using them.

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